Sunday, April 02, 2006

Art for Spastics v. 79

Sorry to be late in posting this, but I suffered through an ear infection all week. The pain was so intense at times, I really couldn’t fathom how I was able to withstand monthly ear infections for the first eight years of my life. New show tomorrow, but it’s not too late to hear this one on the mp3.

Stream the latest show at this link right here! (by tomorrow or too late)!

OR better yet…
Link to mp3 show archive (find "DJ Rick - Art for Spastics, Tue Mar 28") high & low bitrates available

SWELL MAPS – Real Shocks – International Rescue – Rough Trade 1979
SWELL MAPS – Midget Submarines – Collision Time – Rough Trade 1979
CIGARETTES – Gimme Cigarette – Gimme Cigarette b/w Oh! Oh! Oh! – S-S Records *new/1979
SPARKS – As I Sit to Play the Organ at the Notre Dame Cathedral – Hello Young Lovers – In The Red *new
KAYAK – Chance for a Lifetime – Royal Bed Bouncer – Janus 1975
WIZARDZZ – Sailship – Hidden City of Taurmond – Load *new
ERASE ERRATA – Cruising – Nightlife – Kill Rock Stars (due in Aug. 2006)
HEALTH – title unknown – 2006 Tour CDR – self-released *new

ELPHABA – The Right Hand – split 7” w/ Health – self-released *new
OVO – Anime Morte – Miastenia – Load *new

ETTRICK – Village of Decomposition – Infinite Horned Abomination – self-released 2005
IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT – Grails Golden Garden – To Be Treated – Load *new
EDDIE THE RAT – Smoke Signals from the Maze – Lip Synching at Zero Gravity – Comfort Stand 2000
CACTUS – Track 1 – Night is Rising on the World – Resipiscent *new
ROBEDOOR – Forest for the Trees – Oak Cult – X Died Enroute Y *new
JOHN BENSON / GEORGE CHEN / BRIAN MILLER – Track 2 – Collaboration CDR – no label *new
DISKAHOLICS – Bent Triangle Pinakotheca – Live in Japan, v.1 – Load *new
FAT WORM OF ERROR – Laissez-Faire Is for the Birds – Pregnant Babies Pregnant with Pregnant Babies – Load *new
MASONIC YOUTH – John the Baptist Song – Ordo Ab Surd – Resipiscent *new

R.I.P. Nikki Sudden!

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Fatty Jubbo said...

that new sparks record is fucking insane! Especially "Dick Around"...certainly one of my favorite new releases in the past few years!