Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AFS v. 377 ~ The Power of Contempt

Thanks to Robin Redbeast for asking me to sub his "He Hates Music, He Loves Noise" program!
On this edition of AFS…
(not in this particular order)

* Galloping goth/crust
* Today’s hardcore youth are still alright
* Carter-era anarchist punks’ message rings truer today
* Catching up with today’s pro-Carter/anti-Reagan punk
* The shimmering brilliance of thee smoothest synthpop crooners
* Extreme alternative nonriffo- and nonryhthmologous end-joining

Download or stream this program within 357 days here...  
RIGHT-CLICK HERE for 320kbps download.
Left-click to stream it.
(Show begins @ ~ 2:30 after Mr. Mick Mucus plays Elmer's cover of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler")
1-hour 320kbps file = 149kb)

MYSTIC INANE | I Believe in UFO's | EPs of M.I. | La Vida es un Mus 2016
ACRYLICS | Despair | Despair b/w Reassurance 7" | Iron Lung 2017
ACRYLICS | He Wants a Baby | Acrylics 12" EP | Neck Chop 2016
VIOLENCE CREEPS | Stagflation | Soul Narc | Digital Regress 2016
ICE NINE | Revolting Mess | Out Out Out 7" | Cool 1979
COUNT VERTIGO | X Patriots | X Patriots 7" | Cool 1979
TURQUOIZ NOIZ | Green Hair | Sweat Lodge | Related 2016
ZORRAS ADOLESCENTES | Lluvia de Locura* | Vendete a la Oscuridad 7" Regresivos Discos 2007
FUNERAL PARTY | Eyes of Madmen | Funeral Parade 12" | Mata La Musica Discos 2014
ソドム [Sodom] | Mouse to Mouth/Vanish | 聖レクイエム [St. Requiem] cassette | ゴモラレコード 1984
SIEKIERA | Ludzie Wschodu** | v/a: Jak Punk To Punk | Tonpress 1986
SOLID SPACE | Tenth Planet | Space Museum | In Phaze 2017 [orig 1982]
OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS | Subterranean Desire | New Mexico 2x12" | Minimal Wave 2015 [orig 1982]
FNU CLONE INC. | I'll Be Your Sister*** | Binary or Die | Total Punk 2017
BLACK PUS | High Tide | split 7" w/ Damaged Bug | Famous Class 2017
THE WAD | Atomic | The Wad 7" | Lumpy 2016

 *  Español re-write of "Vision of Man" by The Wipers
 ** Translates to "People of the East", so says Google
 ***  Motörhead cover

Every time I see two not-quite-symmetrical "POWER OF PRIDE" bumper stickers of the back of a blue-smoke-burning Ford Windstar or some such domestic crapmoble with the rippling red stripes faded off almost completely, I get an ever-increasing sense of how hollow a statement that was for the driver to make. That's all I'm saying with that title.


Seriously, HC is in such good hands with today's youth, see?

And in further mutated tangents...

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