Friday, June 22, 2012

AFS v. 356 ~ Blinded Me w/ Psy Ants

Download this program within 364 days here... 

CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate. 
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
or STREAM IT HERE by next Tuesday night.  

PSY ANTS | Spike | Bit Tongue Prik 12" | Vacant Valley *forthcoming
UNSANE | Jungle Music | Jungle Music 7" | PCP Productions 1991  
DRUID PERFUME | Scissors Crossin a River | self-titled | Urinal Cake *new
POP. 1280 | Thirteen Steps | Thirteen Steps 7" | Blind Prophet *new  
LOU CHAMPAGNE SYSTEM | Machine Muzik | No Visible Means | Medical *new (orig. 1983)
NAGAMATZU | Carmine | Sacred Islands of the Mad | Dark Entries 2010 (orig. 1986)  
STEPHAN EICHER | Noise Boys | Spielt Noise Boys | Born Bad *new (orig. 1980)  
CRASH NORMAL | Electric Eye [A Frames] | Your Body Got A Land | Kill Shaman *new  
THE LAMPS | Poolfish | self-titled | In The Red 2007  
THE INTELLIGENCE | Sunny Backyard [Vulvettes] | Everbody’s Got It Easy But Me | In The Red *new  
NICE FACE | Killing Time | Horizon Fires | HoZac *new  
THE SPITS | Schwarz Fahren | Mude und Einsam 12" EP | Red Lounge *new  
USELESS EATERS | The Moves | The Moves 7" | Jolly Dream *new  
BILLY SYNTH & THE TURNUPS | I Wanna Be Your Dog [The Stooges] | Off the Deep End | Cracked 1980
THE NORMALS | Yankee Dollar | So Bad So Sad | Last Laugh *new (orig. 1979)  
THE LIMIT | Uh Oh | self-titled | Cheap Rewards *new (orig. 1982)  
INTRA | Night of the Thunder Bees | Chemical 12" EP | Boulevard 1984  
COZY | Cola Shock Kids | Cola Shock Kids 7" | HoZac *new


Anonymous said...

nice face lp gonna be sure one of the best album of 2012!!

Yves (Plastic Spoons Records) said...

Hey Rick, check Plastic Spoons Records latest records : "The Box" (feat. ex Crash Normal guitarist)!!!

weird wild and wicked post punk
check it out here and let me know ...


Plastic Spoons Records
plasticspoonsrecords at gmail dot com

DJ Rick said...

Hi, Yves....I got that Box 7" in my last big purchase from Goner, so I'll try to get that one on next time!

Anonymous said...

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