Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AFS v. 354 ~ Pinch Hitting

On this edition of AFS...

* Fuzzbox Flynn & I take our first pinch-hit at-bat
* Damaged pop
* Thrash nonstop
* Lurchy clop
* Tempo drop

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G. GREEN | Funny Insurance | Funny Insurance 7" | 12XU *new
MAD SCENE | Nasty Girl | Blip | Siltbreeze *new
CHOOK RACE | Pop Song | Medicine 7" | Gotta Groove *new
DICK DIVER | Head Back | New Start Again | Chapter Music *new
SON SKULL | A3 | Wiped Clean 12" Ep | Perennial *new
FOLDED SHIRT | Smell You Later | self-titled | Fashionable Idiots/PTBI 2011
DERIDE | Fuck Taste | ハイラソク 7" | Kangaroo 2001
CULTURE KIDS | Isolated | self-titled | Make a Mess *new
PSYCHO SURGEONS | Horizontal Action | Horizontal Action 7" | Crypt *new (orig. 1978)
UZI RASH | Controlled Filth | I Was 30 In 2012 | Volar *new
THE FALL | Eat Y'self Fitter | Perverted By Language | Rough Trade 1983
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART | Ashtray Heart | Doc At The Radar Station | Virgin 1980
RADIOPUHELIMET | Jäämeri | Jäämeri | Spirit 1992
SKY NEEDLE | Raft Werk | Rave Cave | Negative Guest List *new
DAN MELCHIOR | Strange Antennae | Ghost in the Supermarket 12" EP | Moniker *new
U.V. POP | No Commitment | No Songs Tomorrow | Sacred Bones/Mannequin *new (orig. 1983)
CABARET VOLTAIRE | Seconds Too Late | Seconds Too Late 7" | Rough Trade 1980


Anonymous said...

you need to do at least a show a month

come on

"you know, for kids!"

DJ Rick said...

Sorry it took this long, but I reckon it'll become more frequent later in the quarter. The KDVS schedule conforms to the UC Davis quarterly academic schedule. When midterms and papers start hitting harder, we'll have more opportunities to sub.

Anonymous said...

A3=stripped screw/dan's dream

Anonymous said...

rick, great to hear you back!!

Anonymous said...

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