Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AFS v. 348-349 ~ Bring Back That Loving Feeling!

This week in AFS...

* One song from each of my Feeling of Love records!
* The Feeling of Love are touring the West Coast NOW!
* Introducing Mad Judy from Vacaville, CA, live in Studio A!

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THE FEELING OF LOVE | Deluxe Archive | The Right Bitch at the Right Place 7-inch | Yakisakana 2006
THE FEELING OF LOVE | You Rock, You're Seventeen, You Should Kill a Ten Years Old Kid | Young Jesus 7-inch | Nasty Product 2007
THE FEELING OF LOVE w/ KING AUTOMATIC | With My Ten Fingers | The Great Reunion 7-inch | Yakisakana 2007
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Jordan's Rules | Hand Clap Girl (Pray For The 90's) 7-inch | Rococo 2007
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Tongue Tattoo | Petite tu es un Hit | Yakisakana 2008
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Fat Bottom Against Fat Bottom | split 10” w/ Movie Star Junkies | Rijapov/Bibimbap 2008
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Rape Man | Rape Man 7-inch | Florida's Dying 2008
THE FEELING OF LOVE | I Hate Porn [Halo of Kitten] | Suck/Soul/Porn 12” EP | Captcha 2009
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Everybody is His Own Cop Tonight | OK Judge Revival | Kill Shaman 2010
THE FEELING OF LOVE | School Yeah | School Yeah 7” | Sweet Rot 2010
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Dissolve Me | Dissolve Me | Kill Shaman 2011
MAD JUDY | What Jill Said | live in Studio A
MAD JUDY | Good Luck, You're Dying
MAD JUDY | Rusty Nail
MAD JUDY | Ghost on the Highway [Gun Club]
MAD JUDY | The Other One
MAD JUDY | Okanomy
MAD JUDY | Westboro
MAD JUDY | Curt Kennedy
MAD JUDY | Father
MAD JUDY | Customer [The Replacements]
LES THUGS | Lost in the Suburbs | Dirty White Race 12-inch EP | Vinyl Solution 1988
REAL COOL KILLERS | Just for Fun | Just for Fun 7-inch | Ultra Under 1994
DEATH OF SAMANTHA | Staring Through it Now | Where the Women Wear the Glory and the Men Wear the Pants | Homestead 1988
TREEPEOPLE | Funnelhead | Something Vicious for Tomorrow/Time Whore | C/Z Records 1992
GUN CLUB | She's Just Like Heroin to Me | Fire of Love | Ruby 1981
FLESHEATERS | The Hammer Hits the Nail | A Hard Road to Follow | Upsetter 1983
EASTER MONKEYS | Take Another Pill | Splendor of Sorrow | Hit & Run 1990 (orig 1983)
LA SECT ROUGE | Uncle Roscoe | Frank | Trans Urban 1989
SLAUGHTER SHACK | Damaged Shelter | v/a: Suffer This | Gawdawful 1988

Certainly Mad Judy might be on the more "melodic punk" side. Not my usual cup o' tea. But you can hear enormous potential which they are capitalizing on already in their best songs, and their outstanding cover of Gun Club's "Ghost on the Highway". A week after being in a more mournful mood, it was great to get such a shot in the arm from a young band from one of California's seemingly most banal suburbs! Also...I'm super-stoked to see The Feeling of Love from France on the West Coast for the next two weeks. I didn't realize how many inches their discography already takes up on our shelves at home. And upon reinvestigation, it's almost all hits and very little filler....and even the filler is pretty fun!

Last week in AFS...

* Saying goodbye to Brendon Annesley of Negative Guest List zine/label

Download this program within 365 days here...
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(too late to stream it…sorry!)

THE WHINES | Take Care of Yourself | split LP w/ Burning Yellows | Palmist *new
BLANK REALM | Falling Down the Stairs | Falling Down the Stairs 7” | Negative Guest List 2011
TERRIBLE TRUTHS | Heat Then Fire | self-titled 7” | Small Town City Living *new
GOLDEN STAPH | Riding/Quadriplegia | self-titled | R.I.P. Society *new
SEX CULT | Plain Jane | 7-inch | Nashville's Dead *new
HYSTERICS | Hanging Out at the 512 | self-titled 7” | M'Lady's 2011
TRUE SOUNDS OF THUNDER | Black Astrologers/Get Away | self-titled | Jeth-Row 2011
CHEATER SLICKS | Leave My House | Guttural: Live 2010 | Columbus Discount 2011
THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS | Negative Guest List | Bait and Switch | Onion/American 1995
SOPORS | Creation Inch by Inch | self-titled 7” | Margin Mouth *new
SCREAMING URGE | Homework | Homework b/w Runaway 7-inch | Sing Sing *new (orig 1980)
THE SWINGERS | Certain Sound | Certain Sound b/w Baby 7-inch | Descabezados en Acapulco *new (orig 1979)
CRITICAL MASS | No One Left to Blame | Silver Screen 7” | Last Laugh *new (orig 1978)
HAWK | The Dream | self-titled | Metal Method 1986
DEF LEPPARD | Rocks Off | On Through the Night | Mercury 1980
SIR LORD BALTIMORE | Woman Tamer | self-titled | Mercury 1971
LATE ARVO SONS | Get Used to It | Pretty Mess 7-inch | Up Yours *new
UNITY FLOORS | Boil the Ocean | Womens Golf 7-inch | no label *new
TRONICS | Time Off | Shark Fucks 7-inch | What's Yr Rupture? *new (orig 1981)
RICHARD PAPIERCUTS | The Tank/Mary Ann | A Sudden Shift | PENA *new
PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS | Pumping Ugly Muscle | split 7-inch w/ Slug Guts | Sweet Rot *new
DEAD BOOMERS | Vintage Summa Cum Laude | The Pig in the Python | Sabbatical *new
IRIKARAH | Todesmelodie | v/a: Not Able to Organize 2x10-inch | Multi National Disasters 2002
ARS MORIENDI | Es Schreit | v/a: Not Able to Organize 2x10-inch
SEDITIOUS HALIBUT MEDIA | Marilyn Hanson Part 2 | v/a: The Droplift Project | no label 2000
RIND | From the Coral | Exhaust Yourself | Rotted Tooth *new
MHFS | untitled/untitled | The Grey Lynn Homeless Set 7” | Emerald Cocoon 2011
DISSOLVE | 8 Wire | That That Is ... Is (Not) | Kranky 1994
SISSY SPACEK | Jerk Loose | Grisp | Gilgongo *new

And I do suppose we’ll be saying hello again to his memories often and soon!
I’m just now getting to know so much more about what was special about his writing.
I never got an NGL zine until recently, and I'm stunned at the talent and wisdom of this guy.
And despite being so prolific, the quality of the writing was incredible.
He was truly inspirational and will not be forgotten!

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Village Idiot said...

thanks for this.
as much or what he might have achieved in three score and ten we'll never know but his legacy at 22 is pretty fuckin fine in itself.

3 dozen volumes. although I was counting on my monthly NGL for many years to come, geezer had stamina.

succint and well put.