Tuesday, December 06, 2011

AFS v. 338 ~ Curiosity is My Specialty

This week in AFS, we tie together...

* How I kick ass at Scrabble
* The lyrics of Colin Newman
* The sport of cricket
* The British sense of humo(u)r (or lack thereof)

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I recently was playing Scrabble (well, Lexulous) with some British bloke, and I scored a double-triple-word-score after he placed a 7-letter bingo word--"QUARREL"--down the right side of the board, leaving me the opportunity to place "WICKETS" across the bottom row and into the corner so that the "S" pluralized his singular word on the triple-word-score. This move scored 114 points, so halfway through the game, I had his score doubled. In the chat box, he accused me of cheating: "How would an American like you know that word?" I thought I'd humo(u)r him and say "We yanks are a quarrelsome nation, don'tcha know!?!", but he wasn't having it, so he specifically asked how I know about wickets. I told him that I knew it was a cricketing term, and he replied "Surely you just Googled that". It was then that I had to explain this true story.

I first learned of this word at age 14 when I bought my very first CD...a copy of Provisionally Entitled the Singing Fisk/Not to on Restless Retro. It struck me as sounding very English, so I looked it up in the unabridged Oxford Dictionary at the Travis Air Force Base community library. I tried my home reference first, but it wasn't in there! Another thing I remember from that day at the library....I cracked open the World Book Encyclopedia to try 'n figure out what the sport of cricket was all about.

He must not have believed my story because he quit the game.

Isn't it funny where music leads you sometimes?

"Don't Bring Reminders"

Everything they say seems so insubstantial
A word of caution
Take care of what you got
It didn't come cheap
I mean look at the choices
Afoot of life (???)

Don't bring reminders, let them all rock and roll
It's very insubstantial
I got you a first class booking
Take the ticket, hit the wicket

We've come to see what's left of you
What's left of you, what's left of you
We want to see what's left of you
What's left of you, what's left of you

You've been had
If you think that it had
Any relevance to you

--Colin Newman


bruce said...

we should go to australia for the ashes

David Lawrence said...

Not To is such a fine album. Wish it held in higher esteem.