Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AFS v. 336 ~ Things Are About to Get 81% Worse

This week in AFS...

* new dawn of activism in Davis, CA
* new dawn of noise in Australia
* even the popsongs this week have titles like "Dead End"

Download this week's program within 365 days at this link...
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or STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night.

ICE NINE | Revolting Mess | Out Out Out 7-inch | Cool 1979
VIDEO | Any Worse? | Leather Leather | Play Pinball *new
VICIOUS CIRCLE | Police Brutality | v/a: Eat Your Head | No Master's Voice 1984
BILLY SYNDROME | Human Shield | Beyond | Slutfish 2004
ANGST | Pig | self-titled 12-inch | Happy Squid 1983
THE SEIZE | Why? | Why? 7-inch | Why Not? 1980
BUFFALO BANGERS | Blockader | Blockader 7" | Private Leisure Industries *new
THE PHEROMOANS | Let's Meet Our Captains | The Bar Rock 12" EP | Monofonus Press *new
LE SANG SONG | Art vs. Life | Art vs. Life 7" | HoZac *new
DOXA SINISTRA | Call Now!/Cocoon World | Newsflashes 2xLP | Trumpett *new (orig 1987)
MEN/EJECT | Apologize | Apologize 7-inch | no label 1980
VITA NOCTIS | These Lies | Against The Rule 2xLP | Dark Entries *new (orig 1984)
U.V. POP | No Songs Tomorrow | Just a Game 7-inch | Sacred Bones *new (orig 1982)
CABARET VOLTAIRE | Stay Out of It | Voice of America | Rough Trade 1980
PLAY DEAD | Introduction | Poison Takes Hold 7-inch | Fantasy 1981
NAKED ON THE VAGUE | Abstract Figures | Abstract Figures 7-inch | R.I.P. Society *new
SPK | Mekano | Auto-Da-Fé | Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien 1983
DEAD BOOMERS | Adult Children Refuse to Leave | v/a: Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne 2xCD | Sabbatical *new
PSYCHWARD CULT | Up Shit Creek With One Oar | v/a: Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne
DRAINOLITH | You Paid for It | self-titled 7" | Psychic Handshake *new
MATTIN | Instability/Recovery.gov | Exquisite Corpse | Azul Discografica *new
LOS LLAMARADA | Death Will Die | Gone Gone Cold | SS Records *new
MICHAEL YONKERS w/ the BLIND SHAKE | Carbo Hydro | Period | SS Records *new
WOUNDED LION | Wyld Parrots | IVXLCDM | In the Red *new
ZULUS | Surgery | Surgery 7" | Lemon Session *new
DEAD FARMERS | Out the Door | Out The Door 7" | R.I.P. Society *new
BRAIN F≠ | Fou Raide | Sleep Rough | Grave Mistake *new
READING RAINBOW | Dead End | split 7" w/ Super Wild Horses | HoZac *new
SHOP ASSISTANTS | Safety Net | Safety Net 12-inch EP | 53rd & 3rd 1985
FAR-OUT FANGTOOTH | Hate | Pure & Disinterested | Siltbreeze *new


Anonymous said...

It seems as though the links for downloading this weeks show are not quite right...

Steve Finnell said...

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