Wednesday, August 03, 2011

AFS v. 322 ~ Most Likely to Exceed (Your Expectations!)

This week in AFS...

* Deeper than normal vinyl archive excavation!
* Dead Moon relevance peaking again w/ reissue series!
* Well wishes to G. Green on their Does It Slap? tour!
* Lemme try to be objective about my friends' band G. Green!
* They rule!

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UZI RASH | B1 | Palmwine Rumpus vol. 2 | 24/7 Industries *new
B.P.A. | Dining Room | Moving and Storage | Hospital 1985
B.P.A. | Forensic Dentist | By-Products of America 12" EP | Hospital 1983
DEMENTIA PRECOX | Mines | Dead on 2 Legs Luncheonette 7" | Hospital 1981
FACTUMS | Standing in the Corner/Walking Void | Gilding the Lilies | Assophon *new
YEK KOO | Oh Woman | Alone Together #3 7" | Emerald Cocoon *new
BLIND DESCENT | Can't Touch Me | Stone Cold & You | Probe Plus 1989
KILLING JOKE | Slipstream | Extemities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions | Noise Int'l 1990
THE BUTCHER SHOP | Wasteland | Hard for You 12" EP | Black Eye 1988
TOWEL | Nunu/Shun Shun Action | self-titled 7" | Vermiform 1996
THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 | 2x4s | Lovelyville | Matador 1991 *request
NOD | Nutmeg | Chicago 7" | Baby Music 1993
NOD | Summer Sausage | I'm Around | Baby Music 1995
SAN FRANCISCO WATER COOLER | Bankshot | Kool Shoes 7" | Sun Sneeze *new
HENRY'S DRESS | Hey Allison | Bust 'em Green | Slumberland 1996
G. GREEN | Gay 90's | right offa their Facebook
KING TUFF | Just Strut | Was Dead | Colonel 2007
MICKEY | Bright Lights | Rock 'n Roll Dreamer | HoZac *new
USELESS EATERS | Neon Light | Daily Commute | Tic Tac Totally *new
DRUGS DRAGONS | Burning Hell [Brainbombs] | The Milorganight 12" EP | Dusty Medical *new
THE TRASHIES | Penultimate Betrayal Blazer | Space Jam | Minor Bird / 24/7 Industries *new
KNIFEY SPOONY | Retro Poser Enema | 3-song 7" | Orifice Dorm *new
THE BLACK CLOUDS | Trouble's Visit | Pathetic 7" | Ride the Snake *new
BEASTS OF BOURBON | Good Times | The Axeman's Jazz | Hybrid 1985
DEAD MOON | Walking on My Grave | Defiance | Mississippi *new (orig 1990)
DEAD MOON | Parchment Farm [Mose Allison] | In the Graveyard | Mississippi *new (orig 1988)
DEAD MOON | Dead Moon Night | Unknown Passage | Mississippi *new (orig 1989)
FORMICA MAN | Lobster Tail for Sick Guy | right off their Bandcamp

If you live on the Does It Slap? tour route, you should go see G. Green. Yes, they are my good friends and favorite partymates here in Sacramento, but ruminating on them as objectively as possible, I still recommend them highly because they pretty much spearhead the current "Sound of Young Sacramento", and they are one of the best bands going in Sacto or anywhere if you crave janglepunk poptunes, crazy energy, bold and original singing style, and rad girlpower rhythms. They mix up the sweet garagey noisepop charmers with some surprising and effective swipes at kick-in-the-teeth punk which covers a lotta bases. The band started as Andrew Henderson's solo bedroom recording project as a teenager in Provo, Utah, and although the songs are more linear and songlike and plenty pop-sensible now, his unique personality as a frontman, songwriter, and vocalist still keep this band from sounding too much like any other. Liz is consistently electrifying on drums and maintains the power and intensity level of even the most shambolic G. Green songs. Brutal bashing power like the first time I saw Mika Miko with Kate Hall on drums...but Liz has developed an excellent sense of when and how to roll and fill with purposeful pizzazz, and I've still not seen another drummer who appears to have so much fun while playing. Dyl-Dog's back in the band to complete the cutest couple on guitar and bass with Brittney. This lineup played on the best shows I saw all of 2010 in a basement of a small house in Twin Falls, Idaho, and if more fans of fun and frenzy had seen that magic, I do believe that you'd all be seeing and hearing a lot more from them. 'Til then, they've got a great
attitude...still serious about playing real songs and making friends with strangers. A new 7" will not out in time, but an album's worth of songs is in the can and sounds great.

Follow 'em here:

Thu 8/4 in Oakland @ Sugar Mountain
w/ Uzi Rash, Grass Widow, Broken Water

Fri 8/5 in San Francisco @ Hemlock Tavern
w/ La Corde, Waldo Astoria

Sat 8/6 in L.A. (daytime BBQ show) @ DDR Kompound
w/ Shark Toys, Double Negatives (ex-Red Kross)

Sat 8/6 in Pomona (later show) @ DBA 256 Wine Bar Lounge
w/ Orca Team, Shark Toys

Sun 8/7 in Phoenix, AZ @ Yellow Canary Dance Hall
w/ Orca Team

Mon 8/8 in Las Cruces, NM @ the Trainyard
w/ Far Corners, Orca Team

Tue 8/9 drive

Wed 8/10 Austin, TX @ Beerland
w/ Air Traffic Controllers, The Stuffies, The Restrooms

Thu 8/11 Denton, TX @ House Show
w/ TBA

Fri 8/12 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
w/ Irkutsk, The Dactyls

Sat 8/13 Omaha, NE @ OH-K Print Shop
w/ Public Access

Sun 8/14 Boulder, CO @ Astroland
w/ Sauna, Knife Fight

Mon 8/15 Provo, UT @ The Compound
w/ Glowing Heads, 90's Television

Tue 8/16 Reno, NV @ Holland Project House
w/ the Dawner Party, Missed Connections

I know I've shared this one before, but it's time again...


Anonymous said...

a band with 2 very pretty ladies, and the big fellow sings??? ok, i'm interested.

DJ Rick said...

It's the Husky Revolution..Get used to it!

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