Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AFS v. 297 ~ "If a man hasn't discovered something he will die for,...

...he isn't fit to live."
--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sorry to wax Bono on you, but shit is real right now!

This week in AFS...

* the latest batch from S.S. Records!
* plucking nuggets of late-80s greatness!

And on a serious note...

* a plea for Dan and Letha Rodman Melchior

Download this program within two months at this link...
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or STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night.

TY SEGALL | Annette's Got the Hits [Red Kross] | v/a: Gonerfest 7 Golden Ticket Record | Goner 2010
DUCHESS OF SAIGON | Four Soft | self-titled | SS Records *new
SPERM WAILS | Lady Chatterley | Lady Chatterley 7" | SS Records *new (orig 1986)
LOS LLAMARADA | The Restless Light (Was Made Flesh in Me) | The Restless Light 7" | SS Records *new
BLACK SNAKES | Rear View Mirror | Crawl | Radium 226.05 1988
PSYCHOPLASMA | Yellow House | Radio Flies | Schemer 1989
RADIOPUHELIMET | Hetki | Rokkiräjähdys | Euros 1988
VENOM P. STINGER | And Suddenly | Meet My Friend Venom | No Masters Voice 1986
FEEDTIME | I Wanna Ride | self-titled | Aberrant 1985
HONEYMOON KILLERS | Kansas City Milkman | Hung Far Low | Fistpuppet 1991
LUBRICATED GOAT | Nervequake/Anal Injury | ...Plays the Devil's Music | Black Eye 1987
THE RESIDENTS | Satisfaction | Satisfaction 7" | Ralph 1978
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | Love Thug | Visionary Pangs | SS Records 2010
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | Winter/Rip It to Pieces | self-titled CS | Night People *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | Modoc | The Pink Scream EP 12" | Shake Appeal 2007
DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE | O, Clouds Unfold | O, Clouds Unfold | Hook or Crook 2009 (orig 2004)
TRETETAM | Highway House of Prayer | split CS w/ Color Rabbit | Ikuisuus 2010
PROMINENT DISTURBANCE | Creatures of the Night pts. 1 & 2 | self-titled | Down & Out 1984
NEITHER/NEITHER WORLD | Night of Hell | Sociopathic Pleasures | Majestic Chaos 1992
COLLECTION OF THE LATE HOWELL BEND | Haha | Beasts for While 11" | Ownness *new
DEATH BY DOLL | Green Fields | Ratio Atque Usus CDR | no label 2004
DANGEROUS BOYS CLUB | Scary Mercenary | VRIL | Fast Weapons *new
BILTING/KARKOWSKI | Trad Wam | Bad Bye Engine | Radium 226.05 1988
SKULLFLOWER | Birthdeath | Birthdeath 12" EP | Broken Flag 1988
SKULLFLOWER | Woodland Death March | Ruins | Shock 1990
ZENI GEVA | Sweetheart | Honowoh 7" | Baby Huey 1991

One of my longtime favorite artists, songwriters, and guitarists and his wife need help. Dan Melchior has been a friend of the show for a while, which is quite an honor for me because I've hung on every riff and lyric he's played since the dawn of Das Menace and always wanted to know more during the Broke Revue days. His wife Letha has been battling cancer since fall, and that's put their lives on hold and put their finances in peril. Scott of SS Records created a Blogspot account--http://melchiorfund.blogspot.com/--with a link to donate to Dan and Letha via Paypal and wrote these words about the situation...

As you probably know, the life of a musician playing independent music is not a lucrative one. So when one hits a snag in life that taps the resources and makes working an outside job impossible, times get really hard. This is where Dan and Letha Melchior find themselves right now. You know Dan as one of the best underground rock & roll songwriters around. He's released records on labels such as In the Red, Hangman, S.S., Siltbreeze, Daggerman and others, and played with his bands the Broke Review and Das Menace, as well as Billy Childish and Holly Golightly. Letha is a member of Tretetam and Das Menace, a former member of Ruby Falls, and contributes to a lot of Dan's record jacket art/design, not to mention Dan's partner.

A few months ago Letha was diagnosed with cancer and since then she's been in a pretty hard fight, requiring some operations and much treatment. She's been unable to work. Dan's role as her caretaker has taken him out of the work force. Letha has basic medical insurance but that really doesn't mean a whole lot in the USA. Debt is piling up. And the state that they live in, North Carolina, doesn't offer much in the way of aid. Dan and Letha need our help.

Independent of Dan and Letha, we are asking people to help them out. The Melchior name has given us a whole lot of great music; now it is time to give a little back. We know times are hard for a lot of people, so we are asking that you give what you can afford. Please know that the money donated to Dan and Letha goes directly to them via their paypal account.

One of the things that's struck over the past few years is how Dan has printed his name on inner sleeves and back covers of records as Dan Rodman Melchior...as if he's taken his wife's last name much as she has taken his. It's hardly a concern to men that women must go through all this trouble to take our last names in marriage. We mostly just go on like life's hardly changed. Very few cultures have done it differently. Some indigenous tribes of the Americas did. Jack White did it...or did he? He's really mucked that one up. No telling what his motive was, but considering Dan's case, I think it speaks pretty profoundly about how much he loves Letha and honors her.

Please, if you're a fan of Dan, go to http://melchiorfund.blogspot.com/ and send what you can afford.

Or, buy his records, tapes, and t-shirts directly from Dan here...
Or, his paintings...

I still find myself having to explain to people born after 1985 why Dan Melchior is awesome. But then again, these are people who still enjoy eating at Taco Bell, and I also hafta explain to them why taquerias and supermercado lunch counters are so great. Consider that MLK quote in light of this travesty.

The latest and greatest SS Records wares include this astounding retrospective release by England's Sperm Wails, first heard by many of us when people started sharing this awesome YouTube video...

Pre-dating the American neo-no-wave and noise-rock zeitgeists by a decade to a decade-and-a-half, this came as quite a shock. And it sounds even fresher full-blast on vinyl grooves with room to breathe. Surely, it woulda been sad if this song remained unattainable on enduring vinyl. It was only ever available on a rare flexi back in the day.

The new Duchess of Saigon is an essential Sacto history lesson...the best of three Woodhouse recording sessions before a debut LP project was aborted. Fans of Reading Rainbow, I like 'em alright, too, but...this blows that outta the water! Fans of the Velvets, Beat Happening, and Half Japanese simply MUST! And Soriano bowls a turkey with a new Los Llamarada 7". Dark, deranged, brilliant!

This week's late-80s content was inspired by SS's choice to issue that Sperm Wails. He always says this a wrongly maligned time for raw, real rock 'n' roll. I was guilty of writing off that half-decade as the era that marred a would-be-great Steel Pole Bathtub LP with prevailing studio production values. But, indeed, I was overlooking a lotta great stuff. The Aussies and Scandinavians were especially fruitful during this time, it seems. More of this to come in the next AFS episodes.

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