Tuesday, April 06, 2010

AFS v. 262 ~ Killed by Unknown

This week in AFS...

* here comes a big wave of PDX fun party bands down I-5!
* putting out an APB for Fort Wayne(?) 80s punkers, Twisted Value
* a two-part study in squelching knuckle-scraping agonizing doom-punk!
* mellifluous 'n effluent west coast posi-endometriosis overflow...EAT IT, BOYS!

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
, if you have a slower/20th century connection
STREAM IT HERE by next Monday night!

(Email me with any downloading problem questions...)

EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING | Tuning Out | Rush To Relax | Goner *new
G. GREEN | Gay 90's | live on KDVS, 12/09
EAT SKULL | Jerusalem Mall | Jerusalem Mall 7" | Woodsist 2010
PATRIOTIC WINDOW KLINGS | Rabid Shoes | Guitargument CS | Speed Tapes 2009
HORNET LEG | Savage | Ribbon of Fear | K Records 2009
HERE COMES A BIG BLACK CLOUD! | Fancy Fux | self-titled LP | TBD *forthcoming
WIZZARD SLEEVE | Post-Natal Pre-Death | split 7" w/ Static Static | Jeth-Row *new
USELESS EATERS | Death View | Panic Attack 7" | Jeth-Row *new
TWISTED VALUE | H20 | Legal Murder 7" | Weasle 1985?
THE ENDTABLES | They're Guilty | self-titled 12" | Drag City *new
TYVEK | Where Were You? [the Mekons] | Skyin' | ExBx *new
ASBESTOS ROCKPYLE | Another War Song | Industrial Religion 7" | Warpt 1984
DRUNKS WITH GUNS | Drug Problem | Second Verses | Intellectual Convulsion 1990
PIGEON RELIGION | Rust | Crystallized Meth 7" | Video Disease *new
PIGEON RELIGION | Dust/Rust | live on KDVS, 07/09
THE LAMPS | Niels Bohr | Niels Bohr 7" | Dull Knife *new
DRUNKDRIVER | Quality of My Life | self titled | Load *forthcoming???
BURNING WITCH | The Bleeder | split CD w/ Goatsnake | Hydra Head 2000
PUSSYGUTT | Gathering Strengths/Spirit Walker | Gathering Strengths | Olde English Spelling Bee 2009
COLOR RABBIT | Wandering in Museums | split CS w/ Tretetam | Ikuisuus *new
TRETETAM | Shady Grove Freewheel Baptist | split CS w/ Color Rabbit
PSYCHIC REALITY | Sela/Seeing-Eye Lion | split LP w/ L.A. Vampires | Not Not Fun *new
POCAHAUNTED | Save Yrself (It's Nice) | Make it Real | Not Not Fun *new
LOW RED CENTER | Momentary Switch | Momentary Switch 7" | Answering Machine *new
UMBERTO | Dream Sequence | From the Grave... | Permanent *new

Get ready, Sacto/Yolo KDViateS! Here's a couple live shows you oughta attend...

Here Comes a Big Black Cloud! and Hornet Leg live @ KDVS in Studio A
Wednesday, April 7 at 9pm, by invite only (RSVP me at rickele(AT)gmail(DOT)com)
Total strangers, get in touch...I just need everyone RSVP so I can know how much staff I need on-hand. There are rules relating to staff-to-guest ratios. Free show, donations welcome. Live recording will be aired on a future AFS. Your hooting 'n hollering will take the place of awkward dead air between songs. It'll hardly sound contrived because these bands are surely a ton of fun.

Also, on Saturday, April 10...
KDVS Presents @ The Hub
1819 23rd Street in Sacramento
(between R and S Streets)

Eat Skull, Nice Dresses II, and Pistol Pete!

This five-song 7" from Twisted Value is one of the most mysterious punk/HC records in the 7" vinyl stacks at KDVS...

It's not on the Indiana page on the Collectorscum.com "Discography of the American New Wave", but if it were, I believe it'd say...

Twisted Value Fort Wayne
- Legal Murder / I'm Sick of You // Social Outcast / H20 / You Give Me Lice 7" Weasle, 198?
Delightfully frantic yet plodding methodical slop-core driven by peculiarly rhythmic syllabic delivery, nervous vocal intonation, and skeletal HC bleat. Compare to Georgia's Vex, perhaps?-RE

Our copy has no pic sleeve. The only notes on the inner label besides song titles and times and Weasle Records are...
* Words & Music by Twisted Value
* Produced by Twisted Value
* Recorded at Omnisound Studios, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana

The record was added to the KDVS library in July of 1985, but there's nothing else to indicate the date of release.

Can anyone please comment about the origin of the record or the band Twisted Value? There are a couple of comp-worthy songs on here, so it's strange that I can't find anything else about them on the internet. Please get in touch...THANKS!

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