Tuesday, March 09, 2010

AFS v. 258 ~ Finger on the Paypal Button

This week in AFS...

* Twin Crystals embarks on tour, so get ready!
* that awesomely wild & strange new LP by John Bellows is on-deck to be paypal'd for!
* a rarely heard live take from Thee Oh Sees when "two drummers appeared!"
* yet another new Davis lo-fi ladypower outer-zoning unit...Mama Buries!

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GUINEA WORMS | B.I.S.I. | Sorcererers of Madness (4rd Year in a Row!) | Columbus Discount *new
JOHN BELLOWS | (You Just Got) Mutherfucked | Clean Your Clock | Moniker *new
THE LAMPS | I've Been on a Lot of Camels | Niels Bohr 7" | Dull Knife *new
NERVOUS EATERS | Get Stuffed | Eaterville Vol. 1 | Penniman 2005 (orig 1976)
TIGHT FITS | All Balls | All Balls 7" | Rat City 1995
STRIP KINGS | Slow Panic | Lightning Breed 7" | In the Red 1996
FM KNIVES | Dead Pink | Useless and Modern | Moo La La 2002
TSOL | Die for Me | Dance With Me | Frontier | 1981 *request
MODERN CREATURES | Too Serious | split 12" w/ Twin Crystals | Slanted Square 2009
WHITE LUNG | Atlanta | tour 7" | Deranged *new
RED MASS | Too Many Parties | Too Many Parties 7" | Wall Ride *new
NICE FACE | Situation is Facing Utter Annihilation | Immer Etwas | Sacred Bones *new
THE PINK NOISE | Step in a New Skin | Birdland | Sacred Bones *new
BUK BUK BIGUPS | Hot Mess | self-titled 12" EP | Weird Forest *new
JAWS | Tone Ghetto | CDR | no label 2004
KOMMUNITY FK | We Will Not Fall | The Vision & the Voice | Independent Project 1983
SECTION 25 | Haunted | Charnel Ground 7" | Factory 1981
BALACLAVAS | Up the Newel | Roman Holiday | Dull Knife *new
BALACLAVAS | Night Worship
TWIN CRYSTALS | Damaged Enough | self-titled | Needs More RAM 2009
JETS | Yeah! | v/a: Killed By Glam | Moon Boot *new
MARINA SWINGERS | Little Swine | I'm a Swinger 7" | LAX 1979
JOE JACKSON | Throw it Away | Look Sharp! | A&M 1979
THE REZILLOS | I Can't Stand My Baby | Can't Stand the Rezillos | Sire 1978 *request
THEE OH SEES | Warm Slime | Live @ KDVS Presents Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VII, 2009
SONNY & THE SUNSETS | Heart of Sadness | v/a: In a Cloud: New Sounds from SF | Secret Seven *new
THE WHINES | For Your Safety | Hell to Play | Meds *forthcoming
ROSEMARY KRUST | Fire | Bernt Anker 7" | Dull Knife 2009
THE C&B | C-Town Breeding Ground | 1991 Pre-Shadow Ring Recordings 7" | Siltbreeze *new
MAMA BURIES | title unknown | self-titled CS | no label *new
PANICSVILLE | Horseman's Club| split 12" w/ Frankie & the S.E.M.M. | Top Quality Rock & Roll/Nihilist *new
REFLEKTIONSS | Violence Routine/Don't Sell Yr Gifts | split 12" w/ N.213 | Needs More RAM *new

The population of Davis, California, DIY noise and outer-zoning units has grown again with Mama Buries, the duo of KDVS DJ's Juliaaa (also heard in Waxy Tomb) and Charmin Ultra. I caught the tail-end of their live set two weekends ago opening for Caroliner at the Natsoulas Gallery in Davis. It was eerily quiet, so I didn't realize that it was actually happening until it was over. But the ladies slipped me their debut demo cassette smudged with lipstick, and it's truly an auspicious, haunting and freaky beginning! While it may run long at nearly an hour, MB's alternately bewitching and hellraising vibes certainly hold my interest. The best moments show uncommon ingenuity when they chase anti-riffs relentlessly 'til they become riffs that are rather imperious and damn near catchy for this sorta noise. Say...Isn't that something you could say about Shadow Ring, too? Did I just blaspheme the legends? Or does it make you wanna hear Mama Buries? Well, you should!

One of my favorite live bands of the West Coast is Vancouver, BC's Twin Crystals, who begin a down-and-back tour this week. If the icy doom of dark postpunk pleases you, then I recommend you catch them in your city. Does The Units meet early Wipers make any sense? It does when you see Twin Crystals. Bring friends, dancing shoes, and extra merch for a whole grippa Vancouver stuff on vinyl, lathe-cut, and cassette...

Thu 3/11 in Olympia @ The Northern
w/ Glow Tips

Fri 3/12 in Salem, OR @ a house party

Sat 3/13 in Sacramento, CA @ The Hub (1819 23rd Street)
w/ Buk Buk Bigups, Repressive Proteins, and Burglars

Sun 3/14 in Los Angeles @ The Echo
"Part Time Punks" night w/ Blessure Grave

Mon 3/15 in Tempe, AZ @ Ye Olde Bike Saviours
w/ Blessure Grave

Tue 3/16 in El Paso, TX @ Hideaway
w/ Blessure Grave & Dozal Brothers

Wed 3/17 in Long Beach, CA @ Que Sera
w/ Bestial Mouths & Deathday Party

Thu 3/18 in Bakersfield, CA @ Gallery
w/ Joni Mitchell (that's what it says on the infallible MySpace!)

Fri 3/19 (early show) in San Francisco, CA on The Bus
w/ American Splits & Robin Williams on Fire

Fri 3/19 in San Francisco @ Hemlock Tavern
w/ Captain Ahab

Sat 3/20 in Seattle, WA @ Ruff Gems

Thu 3/25 in Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore
w/ King Khan & BBQ and White Lung

Sun 3/28 in Vancouver, BC @ Casa de Artista
Fake Jazz Festival

This new LP by John Bellows of Chicago, Illinois, is about to drop, and the label's gotta a website now, so get your paypal finger ready! Clean Your Clock encompasses raw, raggedy folk-rock, bristling hard-rock, and almost as many identifiable personalities fighting over one brain as there are songs. This is gonna be there at year's end as one of the best albums of 2010. It's stark raving brilliant! And it strikes me as authentic. John embarks on a tour of the Midwest and down to Texas and back this month, so maybe you can pick it up from him along the route. If you have any doubt that this cat is authentic, check out the YouTube evidence...

Now, the story on that live Oh Sees song....that was the time we declared "two drummers appear" in the form of Chris Woodhouse of Mayyors joining Mike Shoun on the additional drumkit at KDVS presents Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VII fest last June in the boonies between Davis and Woodland. After a smoking Mayyors set, it was the most fun you could have outside in 100°F heat. Here's a YouTube glimpse from a few minutes earlier...


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