Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AFS v. 232 ~ feat. Rank/Xerox & Weyes Bluhd live at KDVS

This week, I'm excited to present two live in-studio performances. The best new band I discovered during the XYX tour was San Francisco's Rank/Xerox, who play postpunk with uncommon urgency not unlike The Proletariat, Tripod Jimmie, or Crisis, but with more energy, exuberance, and a saxophone. Their live set begins at approximately 20 minutes into this 2-hour podcast. They also picked some of tonight's records (denoted with a # symbol) and joined me for some conversation in Studio B. I hope that you'll all see and hear a lot more from them soon. The second live performance begins at approximately minute 100 and features Weyes Bluhd, one young woman from Philadelphia who sings and plays keys over tape accompaniment. She's mining waters somewhere between Little Claw and U.S. Girls, but her alluring singing meter is rather more like that of Grace Slick or even Rachel Verney in "Willow's Song" as heard in the film "The Wicker Man". Watch for an excellent and gnarlier-sounding debut 7" forthcoming, which we will preview in the coming weeks. Enjoy listening!

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EBONICS | Hitler's Wife | Rock n' Roll/Partytime 7" | Daggerman 2008
CHEATER SLICKS | Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat) [The Outcry] | Erotic Woman 7" | Columbus Discount *new
DEFEKTORS | Burning Light | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1 | Grotesque Modern/Nominal 2008
NÜ SENSAE | Worm(s) | Three Dreams 7" | Critiscum Internationale *new
THE MAYYORS | Ghost Punch | Deads 12" EP | Hurling Man *new
THE CYSTS | Human Garbage/Forced Entry | Public Release 7" | Eolian *new
THE CYSTS | Tear It Off | Destroy Masters CS | no label *new
RED C | 6 o' Clock News | v/a: Flex Your Head | Dischord 1982 #
~~~~~~ Live in Studio A ~~~~~~
| Stripped
RANK/XEROX | Muscle Dogs
RANK/XEROX | In a Hole
RANK/XEROX | Turn to Stone
RANK/XEROX | Act of Love
RANK/XEROX | Basement Furniture
RANK/XEROX | Discipline
| I'm on Drugs | I'm on Drugs 7" | SS Records *new
WORK | Total War [Boyd Rice] | split LP w/ Piles | Rad Key *new
HIGH CASTLE | Filth | You're on Your Own Way | Zum *new
THE PREFECTS | Agony Column | Amateur Wankers | Acute 2004 (orig 1978)
MISSION OF BURMA | Forget | Mission of Burma 12" EP | Taang! 1980 #
CHROME | Anti-Fade | v/a: Subterranean Modern | Ralph 1979 #
MALARIA! | Duschen | New York Passage 12" EP | Cachalot 1982 #
NITZER EBB | Into the Large Air | That Total Age | Geffen 1987 #
THE ANALS | Wake Up You're Dead | Total Anal | Permanent *new
KOMMUNITY FK | Incompatible Disposition | The Vision and the Voice | Independent Project 1983
KILLING JOKE | Let's All Go | Fire Dances | E'G 1983 #
THE FALL | Bingo Masters Breakout | Early Fall '77-'79 | Faulty 1981 #
THE CROWD | Modern Machine | v/a: Beach Blvd | Posh Boy 1979 #
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | Obscured by Fuzz | Obscured by Fuzz | Topplers *new
~~~~~~ Recorded live in Studio A on Sunday, August 16 ~~~~~~
| Trim the Eyes
WEYES BLUHD | Dotted Circle in the Sand

Jon and Kevin of Rank/Xerox also make a video magazine featuring a lotta the kinda music that we like called "Mondovision". You can learn all about it at...
I even make a brief cameo in the new Episode 5 which features XYX...

Mondo Vision Episode Five from Mondo Vision on Vimeo.

Here's some video footage from Weyes Bluhd's performance on Zradio....


Anonymous said...

I had to google Rachel Verney. OH YES, NOW I REMEMBER! What I remember, actually, is Britt Eckland.

siehan said...

thanks for rank/xerox! this band play in my town- wroclaw in poland in october!

siehan said...

photos from gig in poland: http://www.dobreinfo.pl/Wydarzenie.aspx?pokaz=23024&nazwa=Rank-Xerox