Tuesday, May 05, 2009

AFS v. 219 ~ I've Bled Everywhere, Man

Attention, synthpunk fans! I'm finally digging out from the deluge of promo packages even while the aftermath of the KDVS Fundraiser's still being sorted, and I'm happy to have finally discovered a blippy 8-bit barrage from St. Louis by the Medical Tourists. The guitar attack on the 7-song demo CDR makes it plenty punk; the blippiness and robotic rhythms make it totally fun, yet it smartly avoids being dorky. The songs hang together well, varying in pace and ranging through stylistic touchstones as Devo, the A Frames, and Metal Urbain, but also sounding just like themselves with an upfront female presence and a penchant for riding that synth-highhat-bell sound not often heard since the electro/hip-hop of my breakdance obsession daze. This might be the first band in the rock realm to appropriate that sound. I've never heard another band do it! Crash Course in Science might be the closest comparison, but imagine that band minus the nerdiness. The CDR is available for $6ppd to USA addresses at their MySpace profile linked below. I dedicate this band to Todd, the touringest medical tourist I know. Incline Village, Yelm, Klamath Falls...we've been there together! Get well soon, buddy...

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

THE DICTATORS | Two Tub Man | Go Girl Crazy | Epic/CBS 1975
BARRERACUDAS | Don't Get Me Wrong | New York Honeys 7" | Douche Master *new
BUNDLE OF FAGS | Art School Asshole | Art School Asshole 7" | Weird Hug *new
RUDI | No. 1 | Big Time 7" | Sing Sing *new (orig 1978)
SATAN'S RATS | In My Love for You | In My Love for You 7" | DJM 1977
HUNX & HIS PUNX | Movin' On | Hey Rocky 7" | Bubbledumb *new *request
JEFFREY NOVAK | Three Sisters | Home Sweet Home 7" | Shattered *new
SPARKS | I Like Girls | Big Beat | Island 1976
METAL URBAIN | Colt 45 | Anarchy in Paris | Acute/Seventeen 2004 (orig 1978)
MEDICAL TOURISTS | Permanent Press | Medical Tourists CDR | no label *new
MEDICAL TOURISTS | Eject Reject Object
DEMENTIA PRECOX | Mines | Mines 7" | Hospital Productions 1981
POCKET PUSSY | Sausage Party | v/a: Runt Vol. 2 CDR | Tardigrade *new
I AM THE LIQUOR | Bariwax | v/a: Runt Vol. 2
DADFAG | title unknown | Congratulations CDR | no label *new
POMPOIR | The Fist | Flexibility CDR | Isolated Now Waves *new
POMPOIR | (Into) Asylum | Eye 2 Eye CDR | Isolated Now Waves *new
BLACK PUS | River That Ran Too Far | Black Pus 0: the Ultimate Beatoff CDR | no label *new
PETER WRIGHT | The Terrifying Realization We Might Be Wrong | new 7" | Dirty Knobby *new
SIC ALPS | Strepix | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 8 | Almost Ready *new
DEAD C | Children | Eusa Kills | Flying Nun 1989
SWELL MAPS | Midget Submarines | A Trip to Marineville | Rough Trade 1979
SWELL MAPS | Bridge Head (Pt. 9)
THE PHEROMOANS | Penis Envy 96 | Revamper 7" | Convulsive *new
MIKA MIKO | Keep on Calling | We Be Xuxa | Post Present Medium *new
BRILLIANT COLORS | Takes So Little | Highly Evolved 7" | Captured Tracks *new
THE FRESH & ONLYS | 500 Snakes | I'll Tell You Everything 7" | Dirty Knobby *new
THEE OH SEES | Hey, Conflicted Men | Zork's Tape Bruise | Kill Shaman *new
THEE OH SEES | Noise for :30
THEE OH SEES | Grave Blockers | Zork's bonus CD
MIKE REP | Donovan's Brain pt 2 | Singles Club 7" | Columbus Discount *new
MIKE REP | The Ballad of Jim Croce
GREEN GREEN | Swimsuit Drugs | Swimsuit Drugs 7" | Out of Order/Orange Regret *new
PINK REASON | Going Home | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 8
WOODEN SHJIPS | Motorbike | Dos | Holy Mountain *new
HENRY FLYNT & THE INSURRECTIONS | Jumping | I Don't Wanna | Locust Music 2004 (orig 1966)
ULFHEDNAR | #2 | Live at Stork Club, 06/01/2006 CDR | no label | 2006

Here's some video evidence of The Pheromoans' rulingness from a show in Paris just a few days ago...

Also new this week is the first ever vinyl by a Sacto-area artist that we've featured on cassette and CDR since I met him personally last year (and even briefly joined the live band version, which unfortunately fell apart due to the hopelessness of practice scheduling). This young Green Green fella from Folsom has a very intensely personal style of doing everything...playing guitar, singing, humor! He's a daring noisy weirdfolker with the courage to sing, and he's a precocious lyricist to boot! It's a bit rhythmically unstable, but that's something I enjoy trying to follow while listening. There's more than a little smack of Jandek in there. The 7" can be ordered now for $6ppd from...

If at first you don't dig it, don't take him off your radar...The guy has recorded in different styles...some on the noisier/rockier edge of the spectrum, sometimes a bit more electronic, and other times solo/acoustic/folky.


deer said...

yay, medical tourists! st. louis love!

Andy said...

Medical Tourists is totally channeling Hardcore Devo.... "I'M A... MECHANICAL MAN."

Anonymous said...

I'm really Glad i ran across this site.Added artforspastics.blogspot.com to my bookmark!