Monday, April 06, 2009

AFS v. 215 ~ feat The Homosexuals (for real this time!)

At last (!), Freeform KDVS have got the mp3 archive back online, so I've decided to replay that live set which The Homosexuals featuring the irrepressible Bruno Wizard recorded here in Studio A on Tuesday, March 23. It starts at the halfway point of this two-hour podcast if you don't have the patience to try some new music on for size. Read all about The Homosexuals' miraculous last-minute Davis house-show in AFS v. 214.

Download this program within two months at this link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.

ONNA | Mune o Tutunde | 7" | Holy Mountain *new (orig 1983)
SUNNY & THE SUNSETS | Death Cream | Love & Death 7" | Soft Abuse *new
EAT SKULL | Dawn in the Face | Wild & Inside | Siltbreeze *new *request
U.S. GIRLS | Me + Yoko | Me + Yoko 7" | Not Not Fun *new
TUNNELS | Case of the Dreamer | v/a: Post-Alarmist Dracula Safari | Oms-B *new
TEEPEE | Big City Life | Heal 7" | Florida's Dying *new
EAT SKULL | Stick to the Formula (UK Club Banger version) | Eusta Kill CDR | no label *new *request
BLANK DOGS | Calling Over | Seconds 12" EP | Captured Tracks *new
WOODS | Sunlit | Sunlit 7" | Captured Tracks *new
THEE OH SEES | Ruby Go Home | Help | In the Red *new
WOUNDED LION | Silver People | forthcoming LP
TALBOT TAGORA | The Weather Man | split 10" w/ Bipolar Bear | olFactory *new
TYVEK | 9 Bucks | Blunt Instrumentals CS | no label *new *request
TYVEK | Robots, Dogs
HAPPY BURGER | Pizza All Around | Pizza All Around 7" | Douche Master *new
GG KING | In the Terminal | Adult Rock 7" | Douche Master *new
TEENGENERATE | Sex Cow | Smash Hits! | Estrus 1995
X_X | You're Full of Shit | v/a: Killed by Death #9 | Redrum 1979
BLUCK! | Phone Affairs | v/a: Panx Vinyl Zine 01 7" | Panx 1989
L.D.S. | Breeders | On the Cross 7" | Underworld 1985
EAT SKULL | Nuke Mecca | Wild & Inside *request
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Pentecost 2016 | Live at KDVS, recorded March 23, 2009
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Hearts in Exile
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Soft South Africans
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Technique Street
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Vociferous Slam
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Divorce Proceedings from Reality
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Snapshots of Nairobi
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Astral Glamour
THE HOMOSEXUALS | False Sentiment
THE HOMOSEXUALS | Walk Before Imitate
THE HOMOSEXUALS | You're Not Moving the Way You're Supposed to

Here's a special dedication to Jared, who spreads the freeform radio disease at KRCL in Salt Lake City, Utah, and leads a cool band called Kidneys. Some time ago, I told this Massacre Guys fan that my favorite moment of Utah punk history was this little-known band called L.D.S. who released the On the Cross 7" in 1985 and an LP around the same time. It may be fairly generic slop-thrash, but its irreverence and blasphemy sounds pretty revolutionary given the time and location that these boys toiled in. This record was lost in limbo for a while until the "L" shelves were realphabetized here. As you can see, our copy is well-worn.

The L.D.S. LP had a few deathrock flirtations if memory serves me. I could kick myself for selling it back in 2001 when I jettisoned nearly my entire vinyl collection for quick cash after I became a casualty of the dot-com bust. Can anyone help me replace it? Surely, it's a record that few people care about....You'd probably be lucky to get $5 for it. I'll give you $10 at least, even if it's just a VG copy. I'm not a stickler. I just want it to be playable. THANKS! ***UPDATE***...Nevermind! I just nabbed a BuyItNow copy on eBay for $7!


shelley said...

haven't heard em (apparently my internet connection's not good enough to download this) but it's a pretty great name for a utah punk band.

ha, did someone really request the blunt instrumental?

DJ Rick said...

Someone from Spain did say "Please play something from that cassette!"

Sandy said...

Mike, the bass dude in the homosexuals is sick. Fuck, his playing is huge! Thanks for posting the tracks.

Chutes too Many said...

Great stuff. Yes, Mike is kind of awesome. Watching him is a sort of zen-like experience.

Anonymous said...

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