Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AFS v. 198½ ~ In Honor of Mr. Mick Mucus

You get an extra dose of AFS this week because I pinch-hit for Mr. Mick Mucus while he was sick. Mick has been DJing at KDVS as long as I have (since Winter 1994-95), and he his Hardcore Party: the Chicken Years has been one of the most consistently outstanding programs on our airwaves or any airwaves. This guy has a funny and engaging personality which shines through in the often humorous music that he plays, spanning all genres from 80s hardcore to corny DIY pop to weird audio outer-zoning.

Mick has also been one of the most outstanding showmen in Sacto/Davis music, fronting bands from Anal Mucus (which he transplanted here from his school-age stomping grounds of Concord), Girls Soccer, The Turdwrenchers, Gift of Goats (my fave!), and his current band, unkuT:Hunks (fast-becoming a fave!). The Hunks (pictured here (hey, DJ Oddy and I are front-row twins!)) are one of the very best live bands in the area. They just recorded yesterday, and it sounds absolutely vinyl-ready. Selected tracks are already there on the MySpace...
They kinda remind me of late-80s Poison Idea crossed with some of the trickier stuff that the Texan band The Offenders recorded toward the mid-80s (and don'tcha know...that was some of the most underrated stuff of that era?!?!)

Download this program within two months at either link...
CLICK HERE for 192kbps rate.

(168mb file)
CLICK HERE for 320kbps rate.
(280mb file)

ANGRY SAMOANS | Gimme Sopor | Inside My Brain | Bad Trip 1980
THE WAX MUSEUMS | Safety in Numbers | The Wax Museums | Douche Master *new
THE REDS | I Hate Rules | It's About Time | Rip Off 2002
HORNY MORMONS | The Green Machine | split LP w/ Pounded Clown | Very Small 1992
STUBBY'S CRACK COMPANY | Ode to Larry Harris | v/a: Alaska 7" Comp | Kenai Pen *new
TRAGIC MULATTO | Tac Squad | Judo for the Blind | Alternative Tentacles 1984
SMERSH | Greasing Wheezer | The Beat from 20,000 Fathoms | RRRecords 1986
STANDARD OF LIVING | Don't Worry | Six Songs 12" | Vinyl 1982
DEAD LUKE | Jumping Jack Flash Drive | Record Two 7" | Sacred Bones *new
SEXY PRISON | Without Us Some Guys Would Starve | Filth Flarn Filth | Occult 2008
METAL CITY | Freakout Traverse | Metal City CDR | no label 2003
SLOOP JOHN SCRONGEBERRY & THE ROGER'S BEATS | Minor Threat | lathe-cut 7" | Replicator 200?
THE SCHIZOPHRENIC HOUSEWIVES | Ardia Girls | Don't Marry the... 7" | Hillside Strangler 2008
LEADERS | Rub You Wrong | Rub You Wrong 7" | Point Wrex *new
OCTAGON CONTROL | Proto Christ | Slackattack 7" | Krazy Keith *new
FNU RONNIES | Golem Smoke | Limited Edition Poop CDR | no label *new
SLICING GRANDPA | Peter Bark | Le Hardcore 7" | Strain Theory *new
UNKUT:HUNKS | Old Lady Writing a Check | MySpace mp3 *new
GIFT OF GOATS | Battery Factory | v/a: Omnibus 34 | Omnibus 2003
FESTERING RINYANYONS | Hopeless | Dreamgirl E.P. split 7" w/ the Mercury Players | Big Yucky 1992
KILLDOZER | Pig Foot and Beer | Twelve Point Buck | Touch and Go 1989
SAD SACK | Heinous Bitch | Heinous Bitch 7" | ERL 1991
NIMROD | Cunttroll | Cunttroll 7" flexi | Bron 1991
BETTY BINNS | Ladies Home Urinal | v/a: Killed by Death vol 11 | Redrum 1996
GRUMPY WINOS | Get Up (And Lose It!) | v/a: Killed by Death vol 11
SCISSOR GIRLS | By Process of Elimination | Here Is the "Is Not" | Atavistic 1997
HARRY PUSSY | Smash the Mirror | You'll Never Play This Town Again | Load *new (orig 1997)
GOLDEN TRIANGLE | Red Coat | Prize Fighter 7" | Rob's House *new
SWEET FACES | Cool Kids (Don't Wanna Listen) | 7" | Douche Master *new
GENTLEMAN JESSE & HIS MEN | Butterfingers | Gentleman Jesse | Douche Master *new
TERRY TEEN & THE TWEAKS | Pussy Galore | v/a: Garage Zone vol 3 | Moxie 1990 (orig 196?)
HUNX & HIS PUNX | You Don't Like Rock n Roll | You Don't Like Rock n Roll 7" | Rob's House *new
DREAMDATE | D.A.N.C.E. Party | The One I Need 7" | Chocolate Covered 2006
THE CATHOLICS | Motor Drive | 7" | Duke City 1980


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