Tuesday, August 05, 2008

AFS v. 187 ~ Wax Museums on Tour!

The Wax Museums hit the road this week on their first westward tour, beginning Thursday, August 7 in their hometown of Denton, Texas, with the official record release party for their new debut LP. They'll be teaming up with NoBunny in Tucson at their third stop, making this tour a certain TermBro-pleaser. Tonight, we will hear one from everything they've put out so far just so you know that YES!, fun and funny punk can carry an album! (Just like the times that bands such as Angry Samoans and Head achieved it!) For awhile there, the kids seemed to be racing Mr. Blank Dog for the title of quality/quantity quotient kings, but the blizzard of 7"es subsided early this year. The Magnet 7" is arriving in mailboxes this week, marking the first WM EP of 2008. (And it's the band's weirdest!) It's a perfect little appetizer! Check out the band's video and tour schedule down below the playlist...

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for ~4 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~10 weeks)

LITTLE CLAW | The Empty Mirror | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 6 7" | Almost Ready *new arrival
THE REBEL | You're Just Like Tammy Wynette | Live Aids 7" | Kanker Mongol *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | She's So Blank | She's So Blank 7" | Almost Ready *new
DEMON'S CLAWS | Fucked on Ketamine | Fucked on Ketamine 7" | Rob's House 2008
SUPERSTITIONS | I'm Cookin' Dinner | cassette #3 | Telephone Explosion *new
TRADITIONAL FOOLS | T.L. Defender | self-titled | Make a Mess/Wizard Mountain *new
SHOWMAN & THE THUNDEROUS STACCATOS | My Fist in Your Fuckin' Mother Fucker's Face | Speed Crazy 7" | Repent 1995
ONE WAY STREETS | Jack the Ripper | v/a: Back from the Grave vol 1 Crypt 1966
MURPHY & THE MOB | Born Loser | 7" | Talisman 1966
TROUBLE MAKERS | 1-2-5 (The Haunted) | 1-2-5 7" | Swingline 1995
SPIDER BABIES | I'm Dead | I'm Dead 7" | Tombstone 1994
MR. SUAVE | You Can't Keep a Suave Man Down | Oregon's Gentleman of Rock and Roll 7" | Real/Vendetta 1995
THE MAKERS | I'm Not a Social Kinda Guy | The Makers | Estrus 1996
NICE FACE | Thin Skin | Can I Fuck It? CS | Jerkwave Tapes *new
NICE FACE | Shitstorm Trooper
BLANK DOGS | Meltdown Cloud | On Two Sides | Troubleman Unlimited *new
WAX MUSEUMS | Jakoff Rat | Claw You Like a Cat 7" | HoZac 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | I Eat Vomit | Introducing... 7" | Rehab 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Traffic Violation | Traffic Violation 7" | Douche Master 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Rambo Knife | Rambo Knife 7" | Rehab 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Disco Ball | v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 3 7" | Almost Ready 2008
WAX MUSEUMS | Stonehenge/Catacombs | Ancient Structures 7" | Kenrock 2007
WAX MUSEUMS | Disintegrated | Magnet 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
BLACK & WHITE | ??? | Suicide CS | no label *new
TODDI WELLMAN | Moja | self-titled CDR | Le Temps Qui Seche *new
SCHIZOPHRENIC HOUSEWIVES | Heterodyne Radio | Don't Marry the... 7" | Hillside Strangler *new
THE ELKS | Fell Off the Floor | v/a: Moon Boot Boutique vol. 1 | no label *new
OCTAGON CONTROL | 16 | Slackattack 7" | Krazy Keith *new
HIBACHI STRANGLERS | Livin' the Nite Lite | Parasol Parade 7" | Jeth-Row *new
DIET COLA | Sugnillacsidnalrevennoen | bonus track on CDR in Vera Fang 7" | Army of Bad Luck *new
VERA FANG | Neon Neverland | Conscumption 7" | Army of Bad Luck *new
LEADERS | trk 12 | 2nd demo CDR | no label *new
BLACK ORPHAN | Circuits | XX Spectrum 7" | UFO Dictator *new
SHV | A2 | SHV CS40 | Night People *new
BULBS | Imagos | split 7" w/ Wobbly | Ache *new
THESE ARE POWERS | Peel Some Off | Taro Tarot | Hoss *new
NIGHT WOUNDS | Animal | split 7" w/ Mutators | Badmaster *new
SLUMS | Waiting Rooms | 1st demo CDR | no label 2006
SCAPHISTS | We Are a Suicide Cult | Clean Latrines 7" | Scaphism *new
AUFGEHOBEN | Ignorance Oblivion Contempt | Khora | Holy Mountain *new
MATTIN | Splattered Language | Songbook vol 4 | Azul Discografica 2006
MATTIN | Expectations
WHY I MUST BE CAREFUL | trk 8 | tour CDR | no label *new
ORANGE | And then She Appeared in the Midst of Chaos | In The Midst of Chaos | De Stijl *new (orig 1978)

Wax Museums w/ NoBunny on tour!

Thu 8/07 in Denton, TX @ 715 Panhandle
w/ Teenage Cool Kids, Straight Paint
Fri 8/08 in Las Cruces, NM @ Code Red Cafe
w/ Shark Pants
Sat 8/09 in Tuscon, AZ @ Poblano Hot Sauce Factory
w/ the Okmoniks (FREE PIZZA!!)
Sun 8/10 in Mexicali, MX somewhere above a strip bar
(more info coming soon hopefully)
Mon 8/11 in San Diego, CA @ The Yard
w/ the Sess
Tue 8/12 in Los Angeles (Echo Park), CA @ L'Keg
w/ Scaphists, Mr. California, Le Face, Friendly Neighbors
Wed 8/13 in Los Angeles, CA...somewhere
w/ Static Static, the Lamps
Thu 8/14 in Bakersfield, CA @ Munoz Gym
w/ the Contaminators, Francis Harold & the Holograms(!!!)
Fri 8/15 in Oakland, CA @ Sugar Mountain
w/ Somebunny (Nobunny's evil twin!), Wild Thing
Sat 8/16 in San Francisco, CA @ Annie's Social Club
w/ Pleasure Kills, Airfix Kits
Sun 8/17 in Sacramento, CA @ Luigi's Fun Garden
w/ the B-lines, Defektors
Mon 8/18 in Davis, CA
live on Art For Spastics, KDVS Radio
Tue 8/19 in Portland, OR @ the Twilight
w/ Meth Teeth, Octagon Control
Wed 8/20 in Seattle, WA @ the Funhouse
w/ Coconut Coolouts, Meth Teeth
Thu 8/21 in Vancouver, BC @ Pub 340
w/ Master Apes

Now you know you hafta see 'em!


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I'm Martin (schizophrenic housewives guitar and singer).Thanks for interesting in us once again!

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