Tuesday, July 01, 2008

AFS v. 183 ~ Sexy Prison bring 2011 in 2008!


The band that brought you 2007 in 2004 had you pumped like Italians Who Just Saw Rocky on their debut LP. Now Sexy Prison is still three years ahead of the curve, portending the party to end all parties in “2011”, the opus-like finalé on their new LP due out July 4th at their Ivy League summer vacation reunion engagement at the DAM House in Davis, CA (est. 1989), with Meth Teeth and Mutators. No sophomore slump here. I still stand by the comparison of “kinda like a more sample-rich Cheveu if Etienne traded blues-punk guitar strut for Peter Hook-like bass guitar.” Touches of early Severed Heads and Timbaland swirl into a storm surge of electro/weirdpunk. These new songs are stronger than the first batch, and still hilarity-inducing but not as gimmick-reliant overall, and best yet, the sound is more crystalline and forceful. This record was made to be an end-times party-ripper or dancefloor oppressor, or a perfect demo piece for a boss car stereo. Far be it from me to keep the beans from spillin’....You hafta see this picture-disc to believe it. Too ridic to quit! Or maybe they just wanna show Adam Stonehouse the punkest way to surf envisioned yet. (Okay, I guess I shoulda said “spoiler alert” after all.) Either way, you may just need to chase Filthflarnfilth with a vedge-out-sesh to The HospitalsHairdryer Peace to get your pulse back to regular.

Robert's out here from Providence for some actual factual geophysics booyar at UC-Davis, and "Dawson" is taking a brief break from flood management modeling and Mayyors vokills to play some Sexy Prison shows. Their new record will be available to first comers at these Sexy Prison shows...
July 4 @ DAM House, Davis w/ Meth Teeth, Mutators, & Sucks
July 11 @ Ace’s House, Concord w/ Uncut Hunks & Uzi Rash
July 14 @ Witchdom, Sacto w/ Mom & TBA(s)
July 19 @ Kristen’s House, Oakland w/ Warm Streams & TBA(s)

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for ~4 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~10 weeks)

SOCRATES DRANK THE CRONIUM | Death Is Gonna Die | On the Wings | Anazitisi 2007 (orig 1973)
SOGGY | Waiting for the War | Soggy | Memoire Neuve/Reims Punk'n'Roll *new (orig 1981)
ICON GALLERY | Declination | Declination 7" | Dear Skull *new
MUTATORS | What Cuts Want | split 7" w/ Night Wounds | Badmaster *forthcoming
DEFEKTORS | Kick First One | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1 | Grotesque Modern/Nominal *new
NU SENSAE | Peter Tripp | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1
SICK BUILDINGS | The Commuter | v/a: Emergency Room vol 1
ARGUMENTIX | Destroy Lost Homes | Boss of Goth | Below PDX *new
MATTRESS | It's Coming Down | Heavy Duty | Reluctant *new
SEWN LEATHER | Shadowsss | I Live Like This Cuz I Like It | (Y)ours *new
N.213 | Revenger 2008 | Vexation CS | Digitalis *new
TWIN CRYSTALS | Safety | Two Girls 7" | Summer Lovers Unlimited *new
OBSOLETE | It's Your Funeral | split 7" w/ Secret Society of the Sonic Six | Touch of Evil *new
SECRET SOCIETY OF THE SONIC SIX | Por Fin | Isolated Incidents 1.2 12" EP | Touch of Evil *new
FACTUMS | Psi | The Sistrum LP+7" | Sacred Bones *new
KRASH UN LURNE | Two Days | III - The End Is Nein | Scatalogical Liberation Front *new
ALTERED STATES OF THE UNITED SNAKES | The Sunshine Space Explorer | Executive Suites CDR | Autistic Theater *new
METH TEETH | Boring Artifacts | Bus Rides 7" | Sweet Rot 2008
SIC ALPS | Massive Place | U.S. EZ | Siltbreeze *new
STRAPPING FIELDHANDS | Abandoned by Demeter | Wattle & Daub | Shangri-La 1996
NAKED ON THE VAGUE | Empty Tongues | Poltergeist Palm 7" | Skulltones *new
RAINBRO | Little One/Reindeer Dance Feeder | Vectors CS | self-released *new
DIVE | Blood Money | Images | Minus Habens 1993
DOLINA | Corridors | v/a: Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP+7" | Enfant Terrible *new
KASETTENFACHENTSTAUBER | Der Schwartze Roboter | Der Schwartze Roboter 7"+CS | Kernkrach *new
KASETTENFACHENTSTAUBER | Die Seltsamen Unheimlichen | bonus CS
DEADLY NIGHTSHADES | Too Late | split 7" w/ Guerre Éclair | Kernkrach *new
SEXY PRISON | 2011 | Filthflarnfilth picdisc LP | Occult *new
CHEVEU | Hot | Cheveu | S-S Records 2008
THE FEELING OF LOVE | Hand Clap Girl | Petite tu es un Hit | Yakisakana *new
ALUMINUM KNOT EYE | Even Dwarfs Started Small | Silo Monster 7" | Big Black Hole 2007
SUPERSTITIONS | This Town | split CS w/ Ty Segall | Wizard Mountain *new
THE WIGGINS | Dog | Feed the Ghost 7” | Dull Knife *new
ARCHIPELAGO BREWING CO. | Criswell | Criswell 7" | Nuf Sed 1991
SIC ALPS | Put the Puss to Bed | U.S. EZ
CIRCUIT DES YEUX | Carny | Symphone | De Stijl *new

Hey, Meghan...remember this reverse freakin' action you got? Wasn't that some 2007 in 2004? Seriously, though...It really is amazing that a band of a civil engineer and Ivy League geophysicist must set the bar for partyhardiness in Davis. Is this not a real college town, kids? Well, at the last Mayyors show, Woodhouse's headstock wrecked some window glass due to wasted thrashers in the front row. So, maybe the kids are catching up to 2008 just in time to board the P'Zone express to 2011. Come all ye TermBo Trippers and Beardo Flippers!




hey experimental dental school sent me your way and i have no idea who to talk to or anything. BUT!

this is fist fite


and we wondering if we could play at where ever it is you have people play at on SEPTEMBER 8TH!


sorry im a computer idiot.

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