Sunday, March 16, 2008

new HOSPITALS "Hairdryer Peace" LP out in April

New Hospitals LP

Out April 4th!!! Edition of 500.


After a nearly Chinese Democracy situation, the new Hospitals LP "Hairdryer Peace" is being pressed and will be available April 4th in an edition of 500 put out by the band. It's a ripper/apology for the bands' previous two albums.

"Doesn't really matter whether you loved or hated The Hospitals before, cuz this is some year zero shit. This is the most psychedelic fucking record in a long time and there are no rainbows - no feather earrings - no beards. Mixed for maximum hallucinations, it has the stoned riffs of a killer rock record, totally cracked pop, pure headfuck, but more than anything else just an all around perfect album. It's Chief Hospital Adam Stonehouse with oringal Hospital co-founder/shredder Rod Meyer and Rob Enbom from Eat Skull and Chris Gunn from an island off the coast of the future. Sounds nothing like any bands or anything else.. Seriously, if a better record comes out this year, next year, whenever.... I promise. Edition of 500. Don't be an asshole." - Scott Simmons

"and when I announced as a masterpiece and a real departure into a ZONE, they're getting VERY curious." - Hicham Chadly

"The most wild and wonderfully weird LP that you will hear this year!" - my damn self

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