Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eternal Tapestry live on KDVS

What a hippie bandname if there ever was one, eh?

Yes, but this band Eternal Tapestry is one of the sweetest psychedelic crescendo-crushers this side of Acid Mothers. After a couple CDRs and a tape release, they've got a debut LP on Not Not Fun about to drop any moment, and they come down here from Portland tonight on their way to the Neon Commune festival in L.A. this weekend, which is a big Not Not Fun label showcase that I was hoping to go to, but I don't like to drive to L.A. alone. I've heard an early mix of the LP, and it is great. Kinda sprawling from a sorta Ash Ra Tempel-esque breezy chime to a full-bore AMT-style soaring psych fugue. Their "Vibrations"/"New Dawn" cassette was my co-Top Tape of 2007 (along with Eat Skull's tour tape). That thing really shoulda been released to vinyl.

Eternal Tapestry has brothers Nick and Jed Bindeman, whose first band together was Counterfeit Monsters. What an underrated show they played in 2001 at Espresso Metro! Just when I thought, gee, this sounds like Saccharine Trust, they dropped a rulin' SacTrust cover. Since then, Jed has been in the awesome Heavy Winged who work that same ambient/metal/psych fusion that Blues Control own. Nick has been in Alarmist, Hustler White, Malibu Falcon, Silver Creme, the MVP of the few very great Jackie-O Motherfucker LPs, and master of his own rad solo project called Tunnels. The dude is always one of the very most interesting part of every band he's in.

Few-minute snippets are a bad way to listen to ET's music... you should definitely check out tonight's hourlong Live in Studio A at Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM!

(first couple minutes of file is the news, followed
by a couple minutes of silence due to a mishap
involving switching of on-air studios...just FFWD!)

If you're in California, catch them on tour...

Fri Jan 18
San Francisco @ The Hemlock w/ Turks, Hurry Up Shotgun
Sat Jan 19
Los Angeles @ Echo Curio w/ Magic Lantern, Ettrick, Pocahaunted, Barn Owl, Antique Brothers
Sun Jan 20
Los Angeles @ Echo Curio w/ Antique Brothers
Mon Jan 21
Oakland @ Heco’s Palace w/ Oaxacan, Barn Owl
Tue Jan 22
Davis @ Fort Douglas w/ Castanets, Sholi

The friendly Fort Douglass is a house-show place at 918 Douglass Ave in Davis. Shows run early...from 7:00-10:00 p.m. only. Donate $$$$$.

Directions from Sacto...

(1) I-80 west to Davis
(2) Exit at Downtown/Richards Blvd North
(3) merge onto Richards, proceed under tunnel
(4) turn left at 1st light after tunnel onto First Street
(5) Turn right at B Street
(6) Turn left at 3rd light onto Eighth Street
(7) Turn right at Douglass....

918 Douglass is behind 916 Douglass, at the end of the driveway on the left side of 916. Both houses are near the very end of Douglass, on the right side of the street. A Save Mart store is nearby on Anderson and Covell.