Monday, November 26, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 157

(This will be archived for 10 weeks.)

ABE VIGODA // World Heart // split 7" w/ Mikaela's Fiend // Zum *new
MANTLES // Trouble in the Streets // Burden 7" // Dulc-I-Tone *new
THE INTELLIGENCE // Block of Ice // Deuteronomy // In The Red *new
J.P. HERRMANN // Catch The Mouse // demo CDR // no label *new
WINGTIP SLOAT // Yea in the Haystacks // Add This to Rhetoric // VHF *new
O VOIDS // Frying Pan // Record On 7" // Lost Space *new

WINGTIP SLOAT // Beauty [Tall Dwarfs]
HOUSE 1 AND 2 // Peanut Butter and Jelly // Worse Kept Secret in Los Angeles: You Can Buy Heroin on Bonnie Brae Just Off Alvarado cassette // Barf *new
AIDS WOLF // Live // Live Dates split 7" w/ Pre // Sin Raft *new
DIAMOND HEAD // Street Leaf // Street Leaf CDR // no label *new
EVOLUTIONARY JASS BAND // This Is Not the End... // What's Lost // Mississippi *new
THEE OREGON ARTIFICIAL LIMB CO. // tracks 4 & 5 // a-w-t-s-i-i-i-d-e CDR-EP // Jet's Idea/Micronizer *new
RUST IONICS // Side B // Moving/Pictures // Colour Sounds/Outer Limits/Quodlibet *new
WEASEL WALTER // Refraction // Firestorm // ugExplode *new
FLYING LUTTENBACHERS // The Serialization of Cruelty // Incarceration by Abstraction // ugExplode *new
PROLETARIAN ART THREAT // Operation Enormous // The Long Process of Quitting // Shandi *new
TERRORIST OTHER // Get a Life // T.O. CDR // Soundesign *new
MIDWIFE // Black Lungs/We Are Heathens // mp3s *forthcoming??
SHEARING PINX // Hate Rider // Ultra Snake // Isolated Now Waves *new
SECRET SOCIETY OF THE SONIC SIX // Into the Night // 9:00 7" // Touch of Evil 2005
IMIAFAN & VERONICA V. // Someone Else // v/a: Doppel Hertz 2xLP // Kernkrach *new
CHRIS DENERF // Tupperware // v/a: Doppel Hertz 2xLP

SCHIZOPHRENIC HOUSEWIVES // Ardia Girls // The Better You Are The More They Fuck You // Rollo Woody *new
DAILY VOID // Mechanical Teeth // Mass Communication Culture 7" // Boom Chick *new
THE FINKS // The Nomad // Fill 'er Up and Go // Dionysus 1994
THE FEELING OF LOVE // Dad = Eat/Mum = Die // 12 New Tracks CDR // no label *forthcoming???
HIROSHIMA ROCKS AROUND // Geriatric // demo CDR // no label *forthcoming???
BRAINBOMBS // End Up Dead // singles comp 2 // Polly Maggoo 2007
BILLY BAO // Borders of Mass Deception // Fuck Separation 10" // S-S Records *new


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