Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Art for Spastics v. 117½ (bonus hour)

Tonight I subbed for Scott Soriano's "Rebel Kind" radio show from 11:00 p.m. to midnight while he was away, presumably checking out the Black Lips show in Sacramento at the Blue Lamp. I was sorta bummed to miss such a great band playing live in this area, but I had some fun playing these records anyway.

The FCC rule against plugola makes it impossible for Scott to play records from his own label, but while he was away, I figured I'd treat his regular listeners to the sounds that their fearless leader purveys. Plus, there was no better time for me to pay respects to Alice Coltrane, an incredibly underrated artist who passed away at age 69 on Friday.

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AMON DÜÜL II // Eye-Shaking King // Yeti // Repertoire 1970
ART LESSING // Ceiling Fan // Hook Echo // Electric Eggplant *new
SKAREKRAU RADIO // The One Eyed Rod Is Love // The One Eyed Swine Is Queen // Apop *new
NOTHING PEOPLE // 4 Miles High // Problems 7” // S-S Records *new
THE GEEKS // Visiting Day at San Quentin // Too Fat Pig 7” // S-S Records *new
GROUP DOUEH // Fagu // Guitar Music from the Western Sahara // Sublime Frequencies *new
ALICE COLTRANE // Battle at Armageddon // Universal Consciousness // Impulse 1971 (w/ Rashied Ali)
ALICE COLTRANE // Journey in Satchidananda // Journey in Satchidananda // Impulse 1971 (w/ Pharoah Sanders, Tulsi, Vishnu Wood, Cecil McBee, Charlie Haden, Rashied Ali, & Majid Shabazz)
SLEETMUTE NIGHTMUTE // In Adulthood. . . Black Steel Sick // unreleased album 2004

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