Tuesday, November 27, 2018

AFS v. 378 ~ Do Call it a Comeback...

I’ve been gone for months!!!

My baby girl Una at 18 months is getting hella-radical as you can see.

Thanks to Jeffrey for letting me to sub his "Today’s Aberration, Tomorrow’s Fashion" program on October 27! And thanks to everyone who was involved in resurrecting the KDVS archives to include programs that happened while the archive was on the blink!

On this edition of AFS…
* Oh, y’know…The typical progression from punk to weirdness
* Valiant attempts to pronounce Occitan song titles
* Pointedly political messages

The KDVS archive currently has a bit of an overmodulated crispy crackle to it, but it’s not quite as crispity and crackly as a High Rise recording, so it’s listenable enough to me. Maybe turn the volume down a little bit. No big whoop. (They’re working on it, but we’re just happy to have the archive back.) Also, pardon my rust, but I think I did mostly pretty good if I do say so myself.

Download or stream this program by Oct 27, 2019...  
RIGHT-CLICK HERE for 320kbps download (3-hour 320kbps file = ~.45Mb).

PENIS FLYTRAP | Constitution | Photo of a Dead Man 7" | Woof! 1995
LEGAL WEAPON | Daddy's Gone Mad | v/a: Hell Comes to Your House | Bemisbrain 1981
RED CROSS | Puss 'n' Boots | v/a: Hell Comes to Your House
VERTICAL PILLOWS | R.U.N. | Jump Back b/w R.U.N. 7" | K.A.T. 1985
TOUGH CUSTOMER | Soul Patch | Darlene 7" | Sweet Rot 2018
THE WORLD | Ghost Town | First World Record | Lumpy 2017
PREENING | Fascist Flecks | Nice Dice 7" | Fine Concepts 2018
VIOLENCE CREEPS | Ford Go Bikes | Nephew Melting b/w Ford Go Bikes 7" | Total Punk 2018
COUNTER INTUITS | Edge | Vietnamese Lighter 7" | Total Punk 2018
CEBE BARNES BAND | Height of Fashion | She's a Winner 7" | Horsekitty 1995
THE FUCKING ANGELS | Dead, Baby | split LP w/ Vicious Ginks | Gravity 1995
BOYCOTT | Barbie Doll Death | Boycott 7" | Trench 1994
NANDAS | Nocturne Boy | 1st 7" | Toxic State 2016
NANDAS | Chema | 2nd 7" | Toxic State 2016
THE EX | The Well-Known Soldier | Tumult | F.A.I. 1983
MAYYORS | Deads | Deads 12" EP | Hurling Man 2009
YASS | Zeroes | Finch 7" | ChuChu 2018
KILLING JOKE | Complications | Killing Joke | EG 1980
KILLING JOKE | Brilliant | Empire Song b/w Brilliant 7" | Malicious Damage 1982
SAVAGE REPUBLIC | God and Guns | God and Guns b/w Tranquilo 7" | Mobilization 2018
SAVAGE REPUBLIC | Flesh That Walks/Kill the Fascists | Tragic Figures | Independent Project 1982
SAVAGE REPUBLIC | Procession | Live Trek 1985-1986 2xLP | Nate Starkman & Son 1987
ZIMBO CHIMPS | In a Cave | In a Cave b/w Inca Vacation 7" | Budget Ranch 1985
FLAGRANTS D'ELI | La Nef Des Fous | La Nef Des Fous 7" | Resistance 1990
SHUX | I Don't Wanna Indoor Toilet | v/a: Horrendous New Wave | Fish 2017
WESTERN CIV | Blister Pack Outreach Program | v/a: Horrendous New Wave
PROTOCULTURE | Dual Colony | v/a: Horrendous New Wave
CABARET VOLTAIRE | Trust in the Lord | Listen Up with Cabaret Voltaire | Mute 1990
CABARET VOLTAIRE | Diskono | The Crackdown | Virgin/Some Bizarre 1983
SOLID SPACE | Tenth Planet | Space Museum | Dark Entries 2017 [orig 1982]
KAA ANTILOPE | Break of Day | v/a: Coal Heart For Ever | Sub Rosa 1988 [orig 1981]
KAA ANTILOPE | Rise Up Helicopter, Like a Bird
REGREHL | Bel M'es Quan Son Li Fruich Madur | Cants Dels Trobadors: « La Douceur D'Un Son Nouvel » | Ventadorn 1979
REGREHL | "Clariasme" O La Naissança D'Un Son/Esmai
PETER JEFFRIES | Dear Boss | Electricity | Superior Viaduct 2014 [orig 1994]
DAN MELCHIOR & SPRAY PAINT | Reef of Regret | Contributors | Monofonus Press 2017
PROTOMARTYR | Wheel of Fortune | Consolation E.P. 12" | Domino 2018
THE FANS | Deathwish | True b/w Deathwish 7" | Blue Beam 1980
KEVIN DUNN & THE REGIMENT OF WOMEN | Oktyabrina | Oktyabrina b/w 20,000 Years in Sing Sing 7" | Armageddon 1981
FREUR | Doot-Doot | Doot-Doot 12" maxi-EP | Epic 1983
RHYTHM METHOD | So Many Shadows | split 2x7" w/ Funhouse | Flux 1984
ANGST VOR TANZEN | Puppet Rebel | v/a: Influx | Flux 1984
BLITZ | Telecommunications | Second Empire Justice | Future 1983
AND ALSO THE TREES | Wallpaper Dying | Shantell b/w Wallpaper Dying 7" | Future 1983
CHANDRA | Kate | Transportation 12" EP | GO GO 1980
NOSEHOLES | Danger Dance | Danger Dance | ChuChu 2018
WOOLEN MEN | Weatherman for Sale | Post | Dog's Table 2018
WOOLEN MEN | Twenty Twenty | Lucky Box | Dog's Table/See My Friends 2017


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great to hear from you again!! rock'n'roll!!

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Legit the best radio show ever - we miss you dearly!
Are any of these archived anywhere??

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