Tuesday, October 07, 2008

AFS v. 195 ~ Beware of the Freedom!

Freeform KDVS brings you three antidotes to "There's never anything fun to do in the Central Valley": (1) Stolen Minks & Goodnight Loving in Sacto @ Luigi's Fungarden on Wednesday 10/8; (2) an awesome house-show with The Bad Trips, Nothing People, and Art Lessing in Davis @ 802 Villanova Drive; and (3) our sixth all-day outdoor festival, Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VI, Saturday 10/11 in the boonies between Davis and Woodland at Plainfield Station. Check the feature on ORMF VI below the playlist.

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NIHILISTICS | Welfare for the Rich | Nihilistics | Brain Eater 1983
ARTLESS | Supply Side | Artless | Placebo 1985
THE SLEAZE | Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs | Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
SCHIZOPHRENIC HOUSEWIVES | Knight Rider | Don't Marry the... 7" | Hillside Strangler 2008
PITY FUCKS | Plug in Baby | Why Right Now? 7" | Felony Fidelity *new
LES HORMONES | Peggy | Peggy 7" | Heads Up *new
STOLEN MINKS | Branded | Family Boycott | New Romance For Kids 2006
STOLEN MINKS | Chug a Lug [Roger Miller] | The Stolen Minks 7" | New Romance For Kids 2005
SINKS | Beat Out My Brains | Beat Out My Brains 7" | Fashionable Idiots *new
TRADITIONAL FOOLS | River | I Got a Baby 7" | Chocolate Covered 2008
AMBER ALERTS | Ghost House | Ghost House 7" | Florida's Dying *new
NOTHING PEOPLE | Corner's For | Anonymous | S-S Records 2008
THE INTELLIGENCE | Witchworld | split 12" w/ Thee Ohsees | Mt. St. Mtn *new
BEWARE OF THE KNIGHT | Klump | Third Canker From the Rock | no label 2007
THE OHSEES | Inquiry Perpitrated | split 12" w/ The Intelligence
WAVVES | California Goth | Wavves CS | Fuckittapes *new
WAVVES | Wavves
14 ICED BEARS | Blue Suit | Precision: Singles 1986-1989 | Thunderball 1990
14 ICED BEARS | Spangle | 14 Iced Bears | Thunderball 1988
SAN FRANCISCO WATER COOLER | Rocker's Escape | San Francisco Water Cooler | KDVS Recordings 2007
JAY REATARD | Trapped Here | Matador Singles '08 | Matador *new
HOLLOW STARS | Only Your Love | 7"+CDR | Army of Bad Luck *new
DAVILA 666 | Ciudad | Davila 666 | In the Red *new
KIM PHUC | Freak Out the Squares | Wormwood Star 7" | Criminal IQ *new
THE DEAD SCIENCE | Death Duel Productions | Villainaire | Constellation *new
HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE | Duuug | Duuug 7" | Sacred Bones *new
JOSETXO GRIETA | At the Junction (Sing Along) | The Art of Distraction | Ozonokids *new
RUSTED SHUT | Godstrike | Hot Sex 12" EP | Dull Knife *new
ULI TREPTE | White Line Fever | Inbetween | Spalax 1974
THE BAD TRIPS | First Priority | The Bad Trips | Rocketship 2007
MONOSHOCK | Crypto-Zoological Disaster | Walk to the Fire 2xLP | Blackjack 1996
LIQUORBALL | A1 | Hauls Ass | Blackjack 1994

Freeform KDVS 90.3FM in Davis presents...

On Saturday, October 11, 2008 ten groups will take to the stage of Plainfield Station to rock Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom VI, the DIY underground music festival presented by freeform alternative KDVS 90.3FM in Davis.

It kicks off at 1:30pm with KDVS DJs spinning killer tracks from this year's top albums. The live music starts blasting at 2pm, with an eight hour roller coaster of punk to experimental to raw folk to indie to psych until 10pm sharp. All this is happening at Plainfield Station, 23944 County Road 98, just north of Davis. Best burgers, killer tacos, and beer bar for 21+.


$7 presale/student and $10 general door admission feeds the hungry touring vans and artists.

Presale tickets are currently available at Armadillo Records in Davis and through our PayPal button on our Myspace page...

Group bike rides are leaving from Davis, as well as a shuttle bus for those too inebriated to keep upright on two wheels. Maximum Freedom has developed a strong tradition of biking to the festival. For the past five fests, people have biked from as far away as the Bay Area to see this unique event! Bike rides leave from Davis at 1pm and 4pm, returning from Plainfield at 10:30pm.

The free KDVS shuttle bus will leave Davis at 1:30pm and 6:30pm, returning from Plainfield at 6pm and 10:30pm.

Driving Directions:
From I-80, take 113 north for a few miles. Exit at Covell blvd. and turn left. Turn right at County Road 98. You will see the Plainfield Station on your left, right after the intersection of County Roads 98 and 29.

Check our DavisWiki and Myspace pages for more updates! And stay tuned to KDVS 90.3 FM or http://www.kdvs.org/ for music from the featured bands, ticket giveaways and more information.

The Lineup:

LSD & the Search for God

Described quite accurately as dreamy indie-warp by the San Francisco Chronicle, this SF group has been compared to My Bloody Valentine, Luna, Spacemen 3, and the Telescopes, with its uniquely moving blend of psychedelic shoegaze indie rock.

Traditional Fools
Shrieking buzzing guitars and raw vocals meet punk melodies to send a killer garage punk rock n roll lighting bolt straight down your spine and get your feet dancing.

LA indie rock ushers out the summer with ebola-catchy lyrics melodies that make you want to dance, then takes a step back to reveal beautifully cute indie pop.

Will this wandering Portland native bard be able to hitchhike his way down the coast in time for ORMF? You'd better hope so, or you ll miss his powerful, sorrowful, honest folk brewed on the roads of America.

Inca Ore
Surreal experimental that must be witnessed to realize the warping of your mental state.

The drummer from Sacramento's Who's You're Favorite Son, God? and Prints launches forth in his solo drum n' ambient experimental crusade against lameosity and the expected.

Beware of the Knight
A mysterious blast from the past, the distilled essence of Sacto '95 Loft in psych/weird/garagepunk form, manifesting itself in a Sacramento rocker playing his first live show in a long, long time.

Countless Others
Feedback fuzzed up, messed up, roadkill raw, garagey rock n roll hailing from The City. What else can you say?

Religious Girls
Forged from the ruins of Destroy Tokyo, this Eastbay experimental electronic rock project takes convention out behind the shed and shoots it.

San Fransisco Water Cooler
Local lords of the psych garage, the sound flows like something that cannot be described, only felt. A KDVS Recordings featured artist!

ORMF VI lineup w/ times:

2:00- San Fransisco Water Cooler
2:45- Religous Girls
3:30- Countless Others
4:15- Hexlove
5:00- Beware of the Knight
5:45- Incaore
6:30- Ohioan
7:15- Blackblack
8:00- Traditional Fools
8:45- LSD & the Search for God


Bike rides leave from the Delta of Venus Cafe at 1pm and 4pm.

KDVS volunteers will be providing a bus/shuttle service to the festival, leaving from and returning to the UCD Memorial Union bus stops. The white ex-Unitrans Chris Bus will depart the MU bust station at 1:30pm and 6:30pm. It will return from Plainfield at 6pm and 10:30pm.

1pm- Bike to Plainfield
1:30pm- Bus to Plainfield
4pm- Bike to Plainfield
6pm- Bus to Davis
6:30pm- Bus to Plainfield
10:30pm- Bike and Bus to Davis
Ticket Information

$7 advance
$10 at the door

Tickets available at Armadillo...205 F Street in Davis.


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