Tuesday, September 09, 2008

AFS v. 191 ~ I Keep a Watchful Eye

...on the promo bin, trust me! A headspinning amounta records and CDR/cassette underground stuff's been piling up in the mailbox for the last coupla weeks. Sorry if it seems like I've been slackin' on it, but hasn't it been great to hear these live guests that've dropped into the KDVS studios the last few weeks? So, yeah...tonight's AFS features much of the best of the records that I've been saving up for the last month, including the week I couldn't make it due to car trouble.

If you're near the West Coast in the next coupla weeks, don't miss your chance to see U.S. Girls and Eternal Tapestry on tour...that's gonna be some sweet spellcastin' and some scorchin' psych-rock! Tour feature will down below!

(archived for about three weeks)

...or click here for 320 kbps!
(might be available a little longer)

SUBTLE TURNHIPS | Hip Hop | split 7" w/ Electrolux | Jojo *new
HUMAN EYE | Two Headed Woman | Fragments of the Universe Nurse | Hook or Crook *new
COLA FREAKS | Dodt Batteri | Dodt Batteri 7" | Local Cross *new
POPULAR SHAPES | BBall Music 2 | BBall Music 2 & 4 7" | White Denim/Hate the Eighties 2006
IMAGINARY ICONS | CCTV | Imaginary Icons 12" | Daggerman *new
HANK IV | Symptomatic | Refuge in Genre | Siltbreeze *forthcoming Oct
HOWIE & THE HOT KNIVES | Kids Are Kids [the Rats] | Shut-Up & Dance 7" | Felony Fidelity *new
THE EEGOS | Stab (You) | If You Ain't Shaking 7" | Felony Fidelity *new
DEAD GHOSTS | Holy Ghost | Holy Ghost 7" | Boom Chick *new
LOVER! | Man In The Woods | Man in the Woods 7" | Rob's House *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE | Certainly 14th St. | She's So Blank 7" | Almost Ready *new
DAVILA 666 | No Quiero | Davila 666 | In the Red *new
JACUZZI BOYS | Island Ave | Island Ave 7" | HoZac *new
NRBQ | You Can't Hide | Tiddly Winks | Rounder 1980
THE PETS | Blame It on the Kids | Misdirection | Static Impulse *new
HARLEM | Psychedelic Tits | Freedrugs:) | Female Fantasy *new
TITMACHINE | 1989 | We Build a New City 7" | Siltbreeze *new
DAY CREEPER | And How! | split 7" w/ Night of Pleasure | no label *new
DAY CREEPER | Connection [Rolling Stones] | 2nd CDR | no label *new
NIGHT OF PLEASURE | Hipster Downgrade | split 7" w/ Day Creeper
NIGHT OF PLEASURE | trk 1 | 7-song CDR | no label *new
AIDS WOLF | Now Yr Gonna Lose It | split LP w/ Night Wounds | Nail in the Coffin *new
MUTATORS | People | Secret Life | Nominal *new
NÜ SENSAE | Don't Panic | Nü Sensae 12" | Isolated Now Waves *new
WHITE LUNG | Local Garbage | Local Garbage 7" | Hockey Dad *new
DEFEKTORS | Doomsday Girl | Secret Trials 7" | Nominal *new
THE WIPERS | Born With a Curse | Rebels With a Cause: Demos & Outtakes 1979-1983 | Alien *new (orig 1980)
NICE FACE | VVV | Can I Fuck It? CS | Jerkwave Tapes *new
FNU RONNIES | Watchful Eye | Limited Edition Poop CDR | no label *new
MEGAFUCKERS | Jet Lag | Escalation 7" | Deleted Art *new
MAYYORS | White Jeep | Megan's LOLZ 7" | Gomerdome *new
PYHA | trk 10 | The Haunted House | tUMULt *new
RODENT PLAGUE | Blue Wave | Blue Wave 7" | Kill Shaman *new
U.S. GIRLS | Prove It All Night [B. Springsteen] | Introducing... | Siltbreeze *new
FATHER MURPHY | Go Sinister | ...and He Told Us to Turn to the Sun | no label *new
THE DEAD SCIENCE | Monster Island Czars | Villainaire | Constellation *new
DEAD WESTERN | My Old Home | Soften Your Screams Into Sings | KDVS Recordings *new

U.S. Girls/Eternal Tapestry tour!!!

Thursday, Sept 11 in Portland, OR @ East End

Friday, Sept 12 in Sacramento, CA @ Luigi’s Fun Garden
w/ San Kazakgascar

Saturday, Sept 13 in San Francisco @ The Kitchen
(early show @ 7pm) 2008 7:00P

Sunday, Sept 14 in Los Angeles @ The Smell
w/ Robedoor

Sunday, Sept 15 in Los Angeles @ Echo Curio

Monday, Sept 16 in San Diego @ Rosary Room
w/ Fantastic Magic

Tuesday, Sept 17 in Isla Vista, CA @ Biko Garage

Wednesday, Sept 18 in San Francisco @ Hemlock Tavern

And then U.S. Girls will appear on October 1 in Montreal, QC at the PopMontreal Fest @ Divan Orange.


Anonymous said...

Maaaannnn! You going all POP on us now? (Good shit, tho!)

Anonymous said...

da links ain't workin!

Anonymous said...

yes download is pretty slow and stop after 5Mo or so... That's strange!

DJ Rick said...

Most are still telling me it's working fine, so I can't explain the problems some people are having. If you explain your problems to webmaster@kdvs.org ...maybe that can help.

Anonymous said...

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