Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AFS v. 176 ~ Kustom Moonboot Fitting

In the AFS news this week: This breezy, splendid new Dan Melchior album is thee superb all-purpose moodlifter of 2008 so far. Get it ASAP! Also, Eugene is back on the map for reals now. The band known as Spaghetti & Moose Balls is now called Hanging Corpses, and they appear with two other Eugene bands on the whacked-out Moon Boot Boutique vol 1 compilation. Damaged synthpunk and minimal-wave has swum up to the MacKenzie to spawn!

You can download this week's show AT THIS LINK HERE! @ 192kbps
(archived for 10 weeks)

Or, also AT THIS LINK (@ 320 kbps!!!)
(archived for ~4 weeks)

SO COW // Exclamation Mark // I'm Siding With My Captors // Covert Bear *new
THE NYMPHETS // Bekki Anne // Feels Like Motherfuckers 7" // Psychic Handshake *new
BOX ELDERS // S & M Party [Redd Kross] // Hole in My Head 7" // Grotto *new
TRADITIONAL FOOLS // The River // I Got a Baby 7" // Chocolate Covered *new
SUPERSTITIONS // I Don't Wanna Die Tonight // split CS w/ Ty Segall // Wizard Mountain *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE // Stacked Sally Plummer // v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol 5 7" // Almost Ready *new
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE // Jerusalem // Christmas for the Crows // Daggerman *new
BLANK DOGS // Meltdown Cloud // On Two Sides // Troubleman Unlimited *new *request
UZI RASH // River of the Crocodile Men // Fatal Rash CDR // The Church & the Commune *new
UZI RASH // The Coronation // Reptile Musik CDR // The Church & the Commune *new
HANGING COFFINS // One Horse Town // v/a: Moon Boot Boutique vol. 1 CDR // no label *new
OCTAGON CONTROL // No Glass // Fuck You, Ellen! CS // Ick Ick *new
SCATTERED TONGUES // Exhibit in a Martian Zoo // v/a: Moon Boot Boutique vol. 1
FNU RONNIES // Ugly // Meat 7" // Richie/Testostertunes *new
THE ELKS // Iodine Arthropod // v/a: Moon Boot Boutique vol. 1
BIG EATS // Blood Diamonds for Oprah // v/a: Killer Workout Mix // CNP *new
UNHOLY TWO // Kutter // Kutter 7" // Columbus Discount *new
BILLY BAO // My Life Is Shit // Dialectics of Shit // Parts Unknown *new *request
BILLY BAO // Putrefied Egos/Broken Mirror *request
A.H. KRAKEN // Kevin Costner est un Acteur Américáin // A.H. Kraken // In The Red *new
XYX // Microvibraciones // Sistema de Terminacion Sexual 7" // SS Records *new
SOFT SHOULDER // Temperary // Hit Single 7" // Gilgongo *new
DIVINE FEUD // Streets // demo CDR // no label *new
VAPID // Victim // Do the Earthquake 7" // Nominal *new
SLANT 6 // What Kind of Monster Are You? // 7" // Dischord 1993 *request
GOLDEN ERROR // Reverse the Curse // Golden Error 12" // Shandi/ Mind/No Mind *new
O VOIDS // Scratch Test // split 7" // Don't Hit Record *new
DAILY VOID // B1 // Man/Machine 7" // Florida's Dying *new
DAY CREEPER // Day Creeper II // I Fuck the Body Electric CDR // self-released *new
WELFARE MOTHERS // Bloodsucker // Long Brown Hair 7" // self-released *new
THE TOUCHED // Jelly Beans // v/a: The World's Lousy With Ideas vol. 4 7" // Almost Ready *new
AUDACITY // What Not to Do // Juvajive // unreleased *new
TY SEGALL // The Happy Farmer // split CS w/ Superstitions // Wizard Mountain *new
CHEVEU // La Cerise // split 7" w/ Crash Normal // Rococo *new
THE FEELING OF LOVE // Hammer Boy // split 10" w/ Movie Star Junkies // Rijapov/Bibimbap *new
EAT SKULL // Waiting for the Hesitation // Sick To Death // Siltbreeze *new *request
FLU FAKER // You've Always Had it in For Me // Satan Sajak CDR // self-released *new
NO AGE // Cappo // Nouns // Sub Pop *new
MYTHICAL BEAST // Coal Is Better Than Diamonds // split LP w/ Cloudland Canyon // Not Not Fun *new


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